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  1. Thank you!! My apologies, I haven't checked this thread since the beginning of October as I got quite busy with other things! The idea was a combination of inputs from me, my director, and my brother! Because this contest was based on Tenet, we just thought of our own ideas in a way that relates to Tenet. The man in the video is me! :D Thank you for your wishes! Unfortunately, we did not win, but hearing positive comments like these keeps me motivated to keep going :) Thanks again!
  2. @Dust and Rust Thank you for your feedback :) @Poppy Thank you! My apologies for the late reply, I didn't visit this forum in a while! The camera that we used was the EOS Rebel T4i. The editing software that we used was Final Cut Pro X. If you have any other questions, please ask :)
  3. Hello everyone! I recently submitted a short film as part of the #InspiredByTENET short film competition. Please check it out! I am also interested in hearing feedback :) NOTE: A requirement for the competition was that the video has to be 55 sec. max!
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