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  1. Everton losing to Southampton was the highlight of this past weekend, and now, fans are wondering if the team can challenge for the title. There was a lack of organization, mainly in defense. All the same, this season continues to look very competitive.
  2. Initially, it wasn't easy to be consistent because most of us were confined indoors. I must have watched nearly every movie that had been on my list before. Now it is possible to take a walk in the woods, hike or mountain climb.
  3. This is beautiful to watch indeed! It would be exciting to see both of them performing more songs together, plus Gilmour is an excellent harp player.
  4. Finding a reliable training partner isn't always easy; neither is it the default option for anyone keen on fitness. I have seen people who remain accountable to themselves, and some prefer to exercise in groups.
  5. Boxing has indeed occupied the top spot for a while, and, usually, some people love it in equal measure with kickboxing, MMA, or wrestling. Yes, it is a matter of time before MMA surpasses boxing in terms of popularity though we need to see organizers staging events in bigger stadiums.
  6. I look at gaming as an activity that can hone various skills, but only when it is not overdone. It should never get to a point where a gamer spends a lot of time behind a PC or laptop unless they are doing so to earn money (professionally).
  7. What do you think is the definition of a 'good book'? We see phrases like More than one million copies sold and assume that such a book can and is to be enjoyed by every reader. I have read two of the books on this list, and I somehow agree that these are classics.
  8. For the first time since March, fans returned to the MLB for the Dodgers-Braves NLCS opener. At least there were no fake crowd noises. I hope that more fans will continue to comply with the requirements.
  9. I often prefer those episodes that build a storyline from another one, though I wouldn't mind watching standalone episodes. Are there any that you can recommend, and did you ever watch Bosch?
  10. Are you biased towards a particular sport, or you want to follow a blog that covers almost everything? I'd recommend BBC Sport as it usually links to other popular sports websites.
  11. You're right. I turned it off once, but it wasn't funny hearing the players talking to each other and the coaches issuing instructions on the touchline. Is there a timeline regarding when we can have fans filling the stadium again?
  12. The 2020-2021 EPL season has started in earnest, and it appears like the race for the top four is going to be very competitive. Everton has won their opening five games for the first time in 82 years and are now unbeaten in seven games.
  13. The premiere date is four days away, and there will be six episodes getting aired. I am not so familiar with this infamous crime story, having just skimmed through articles that mentioned it in the past. Watching the movie and a few documentaries could help get a clearer picture of what transpired!
  14. The issue of fake followers and bots is something I have seen discussed in other forums. Will Instagram be willing to take the risk and eliminate these? There would be many users affected by this move, and this would start a discussion.
  15. I am enjoying this innovation by EA Sports since it is helping boost the atmosphere from empty grounds. Is there a way of turning this feature on or off?
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