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  1. It is good to hear that Rey is on the right path to recovery, especially after undergoing surgery. How soon is he expected to be back in the ring? Rey Mysterio is a fan favorite, a wrestler whose performance pulls crowds.
  2. Liverpool dominated the midfield and almost snatched the lead at Goodison Park. The VAR decision disallowing Saido Mane's goal was a marginal one. It is going to be an exciting season where the underdogs will want to prove a point.
  3. For me, it depends on my training partner's availability. We both have a flexible schedule that depends on how busy the other party is. It is good to have a training partner that understands us and is willing to motivate us when the need arises.
  4. Why do you find it hard to game on your phone? Certain choice phones are best suited for gaming, and it would help if you bought one of these. Razer is a brand that stands out when it comes to gaming!
  5. With no crowd present, it is creative of the NFL to come up with a way to make the games livelier. It is an aggressive sport, and it helps to give the players a way to enjoy themselves during the game.
  6. If you had to choose a birthday present, which one would you settle on? Purchasing a professional camera can be a hit or miss unless the interest is there already. I don't want to go for a phone because I consider it cliche.
  7. There is quality in the EPL, and probably this is why most football fans regard it as the most prestigious league in the world. At this stage last season, Liverpool was yet to lose a game. Currently, all the other teams except Aston Villa and Everton have lost at least a game. It is going to be an entertaining season!
  8. You are right. Back then, we didn't have various levels of difficulty. You either were good at gaming, or you weren't. You got better each day by learning newer and better ways to get past the obstacles.
  9. I have been frugal as an adult, so impulse buying has only been on items that didn't cost much. The most impulsive thing I've done is agreeing to go on a road trip at the eleventh hour. I have always been that person who plans, but then I have learned to appreciate spontaneity.
  10. Will it be the Lakers, Bucks, or Clippers this time round? When Anthony Davis joined the Lakers in June, a lot of fans predicted a formidable partnership with Lebron James. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George also joined the Clippers as free agents.
  11. I think that gaming has transformed over the years, and now it is easy for a beginner to start with less tasking versions. Again, those who have been playing for a long time have gotten more experience in this way.
  12. Naomi Osaka becomes the fourth woman in the Open Era to win a Grand Slam final after losing the opening set 6-1 or 6-0. She is also the first woman since 2002 to win her first three Grand Slam finals. What caught my eye the most was the gracefulness and humility in her winner's speech.
  13. I think it has more to do with the league doing more to attract women to the sport. Though the game has expanded over the past few years, there is yet to be a professional women's league.
  14. bosch5

    The Kardashians

    I was never a fan of the show, though I agree that it was a launching pad for most of them and their various businesses. To have a show run for 14 years and 20 seasons is no mean fete!
  15. Last year, the gaming industry generated $120 billion in revenue, and the figure could read $200 million in a few years. What are your thoughts on mixed reality? Perhaps future games will have a mix of virtual and augmented reality technology?
  16. I hate flies because much as they don't bite or cause bodily harm, they are a nuisance. I prefer natural remedies such as the planting of herbs and flowers, a mixture of vinegar and dish soap or cayenne paper, and water.
  17. If I have to watch a movie or TV series, it has to be when there are likely to be no distractions. I am not a binge-watcher, so I prefer to work with a schedule. At times, I can watch more than one at a go!
  18. If I have to watch a movie or TV series, it has to be when there are likely to be no distractions. I am not a binge-watcher, so I prefer to work with a schedule. At times, I can watch more than one at a go!
  19. Footage of the "Arrival of a Train" signifies the earliest years of cinema. There had to be a starting point, and the year was 1896. A lot has changed in a century. You can watch it below.
  20. VR headsets have been gaining traction over the years, but I don't think we've gotten to a point where their popularity soars gradually. Would you fancy a tethered or standalone headset?
  21. There has been a massive disruption as a result, but I believe that as professionals, they have managed to stay afloat. Are they usually independent contractors?
  22. Whereas I am not a fan of memoirs, I remember reading somewhere that Brock Lesnar notoriously keeps to himself and is a devoted family man. I would read this book to get a glimpse of his life in and out of the ring.
  23. A week ago, The Citizens lost at The Stamford Bridge to hand over the league title to Liverpool. In a twist of fate, The Reds lost away to City by four goals to nil. Who would have predicted such a scoreline? However, the champions still stand a chance of exceeding a century of points with six games to go!
  24. It is understandable if a player in any sport doesn't feel safe enough to play at this point. The shorter season and the high risk of contracting coronavirus may be too much for these MLB players, and possibly, more of them could follow suit!
  25. The Undertaker, in my opinion, gave his best while at The WWE. His match against AJ Styles would have been a spectacle. I am not sure if stories of getting forced out are true because he explained that he decided to leave to spend more time with family. I admire him for never jumping ship to WCW.
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