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  1. Another all day vote. I do get restless from sitting and get up about every couple of hours. My eyes stay good, though, and headaches are usually from caffeine withdrawal.
  2. Another factor where I live is newer, lower standards to get a driver's license. You just have to be above a certain age, then practice enough on your own to pass the written and road tests. The road test is fair, but it is apparent that many only technically pass.
  3. For both Reeves series, I would recommend the first of each and then YMMV for the rest. There is a key moment in John Wick that I guarantee will make you really sympathetic towards him.
  4. I keep my curtains closed if it looks too light outside. Overcast weather makes me feel calmer than bright sunshine, too. I should move there!
  5. Rambler

    Cats (movie)

    The director announced that a digitally updated version will be available everywhere starting Tuesday. Maybe the changes will bring in more viewers? Opening numbers are quite a bit under projections.
  6. Eddie Murphy brought back his characters from when he was on the SNL cast 35 years ago, such as Mister Robinson, Gumby, and Buckwheat. My favorite skit was Buckwheat as The Masked Singer. Did you catch any of this episode?
  7. I do okay with crowds, concerts, and parties, but I also want many hours of recharge time on my own sofa in between those things.
  8. No flying for me until a work conference in Texas in February. Holiday flying is nuts! The logjam at the security checkpoint is the worst.
  9. I try to keep my resolutions open-ended and assume they have to be ongoing, maybe forever. Eating better and saving money within a general range are my two ongoing ones.
  10. There are plenty from this year I still want to see, but so far I nominate Parasite and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Maybe Joker, Toy Story 4, Rocketman, and Born to Run, too.
  11. I wonder if Joaquin Phoenix, Todd Philips, and others associated with the movie feel kind of vindicated by its success. It must have been uncomfortably surprising that they had to answer the white-male-violence questions when the movie first got released.
  12. I used to visit my library or a brick-and-mortar bookstore almost every week. Like @whaleshark mentioned, Kindle started taking over. That and other online reading.
  13. I love hearing stories like this. They put a lump in my throat. Wow, seven miles on foot! Hope she gets even more good fortune through the car, work, school.
  14. @ShadowEdge It kind of did! It made me less shy about being out there. I do think that if you feel confident and relaxed on the dance floor, it shows easily.
  15. Were you bothered by this ad? I saw it as yet another commercial for an expensive piece of equipment, just in time for the holidays. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pShKu2icEYw
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