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  1. I've seen other movies by the director, Noah Baumbach. @Boomer, it might be that his story type isn't what you usually go for, no matter how well-made the whole thing is. Out of three Baumbachs I've watched, I would say Marriage Story has the widest appeal. He has an "indie" style that's a mix of realistic and sometimes too precious.
  2. "The Amazon.com Jungle" since the company's been looming more and more over how people shop, how businesses can survive, and how these affect jobs and ultimately, quality of life.
  3. Thankfully, that word is already fading in use. It's not a gamer thing, more of a social media thing. I've seen it as sort of a payback term for "slut" but in both cases, cringe.
  4. Murphy as The Masked Singer was hilarious. It was a decent SNL overall — not as many unfunny skits for once! A testament to how decently his characters held up.
  5. We all have to do it, especially now. Usually, I just make sure the bathroom's tidy and the trash is out. But when I know guests are coming, I freak and stay up late wiping up the littlest corners. Argh!
  6. Sure! I would miss having four seasons, but if the job were right, I'd go for it. The darkness would be a good reason to have more coffee more often.
  7. I watched this, too, and overall I liked it. I think you're onto something, @headrush . This actual event was interesting, but the storytelling in Richard Jewell was a little too quiet. There was *only* one explosion and no romantic storyline.
  8. Sometimes I get bah-humbug about the crowds, traffic, and general pressure to spend more money around this time. I think people would be understanding if you opted out once in a while, @Dust and Rust .
  9. I've gotten a couple of warnings so far. The last warning, the officer asked if I was heading home from work (it was really late and the answer was yes). He seemed understanding about that.
  10. I'm not a bad cook, but I'm definitely not impressive. If you're like me, do you have a go-to recipe that turns out okay? I can do pasta salad with sliced grape tomatoes and cucumbers.
  11. Apologies ahead of time: the term fu**boy. I'm also seeing it within video screenshots. Nice workaround to avoid censors. So, this is cool because it applies to a certain type of guy. Got it.
  12. Just general cleaning up. I'm having family visit over Christmas, and at least a couple of them are neat freaks. I'm not, but I want to be a decent host and polish whatever I can.
  13. I like how the actress immediately got booked for a "sequel" for Aviation Gin. It's a pretty amusing reaction ad! She made out better than the guy playing the husband.
  14. I agree that Roger has power, that really electrifying kind. When it comes to emotional power, though, it's Elton. His singing plus Bernie Taupin's lyrics were sometimes so spot-on emotionally.
  15. Dental issues totally suck. My crown broke recently, right when the dental floss touched it, so something was going awry for a while. I'm wearing a temporary until the replacement's ready to go next week.
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