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  1. I edited once. And if this is a thread about the last year, why aren't you talking about the people who've stayed on instead of babbling about how much "heat" I have and how people use my name as synonymous with no-showing?
  2. Just for the record: I hyped myself because that's how we agreed to book Strong. P.S: I left because this efed is a time committment that I couldn't deliver. Nothing more, nothing less. I just...left. P.P.S: Given all of the ranting threads you've posted over the years, DC, there's no way you can say that I'm the one who can't take criticism. P.P.P.S: Why the heck is my name even still mentioned in this fed? "Pull a Strong?" Are you effing kidding me? Fine. Then I guess I just pulled a Draven with my inconsequential complaints. Get on with yourselves.
  3. I'm going to say Shiranui. When Maru performs it, especially with his modern frame, you can tell that there's a whole lot of weight behind it. So when he actually gets over that mid-point in the flip, the impact is there. Not to mention that his one-handed approach makes it look quite cool. Exploder Suplex v. Saito Suplex
  4. If you consider Teddy Hart a "flip floppy cruiser" then you haven't watched a Teddy Hart that's actually taken place within the last year and a half.
  5. After watching the vegas betting odds I am QUITE shocked: they have Franca and Marquardt to win. This is an optimal time to bet on the champion. Franca is on a streak, but his only notable wins are against Spencer Fisher and Nate Diaz...both substandard opponents. Marquardt meanwhile, is from Sanchez's Gaidojutusu camp. Diego fell to the superior classical wrestling of Koschek...and now Marquardt is up against even more of a brute in Sherk. Sean will dominate this fight. Evans v. Ortiz is a tossup in my mind. It all depends. If Rashad has even competent take-down defense, he can do it. Tito relies on the fact that people have no idea how to deal with his style: in my mind the reason he beat Wanderlei. Wandy was used to someone actually DOING something in the guard. I share Spiral's sentiment on Nog v. Herring. Heath is a solid, polished fighter with POWERFUL kicks....something he displayed last fight. This one will come down to what kind of a shape Noguiera is in, and how he is coping with being legally blind on one eye.
  6. Now....how the heck did this happen? Big Nog is 80% blind in one eye. Everyone was saying that there'd be no way for him to get a fighting license in North America. Anyone want to elaborate? At first I thought I had misread...and that they'd signed little Nog. But reading on, it was clear that this is indeed Rodriguo.
  7. Thank yeh there. Your promo as well as Jays were awesome as well.
  8. SOMEWHERE IN JOLLY OL ENGLAND….A BATTLE IS ABOUT TO COMMENCE… http://wembley-stadium-news.newslib.com/img/logo/4884.jpg TALLY HO!~ …came the piercing cry as Daniel Strong galloped over the hill in full polo attire. He was wearing one of those quaint, incomprehensible British hats…which made one’s head look like a penis. Ah, the joys of being formal. Albeit, there was no one to be formal with. Wembley stadium stood empty, as Daniel Strong strode in on his horse, affectionately named Mrs. Sissy-mare. Mrs. Sissy-mare nibbled on the lush, and somewhat artificial Wembley turf before lovingly galloping over to Darkstar, standing smartly in the center of the arena, the camera panning accordingly. Darkstar: Ah…I see you’ve…. Strong: Pip pip, cheerio boss! Darkstar : ….what? Strong: Oh erm…salutations…um….klatu-barada-niktoe! Darkstar: That’s not even Briti-….whatever. I am glad you could make it. Now if we could just…. Just as the boss began to collect his thoughts, a collective “OI! OI! OI!” began to rumble beneath the calm surface of the sporting venue. The heavens shook, volcanoes erupted… ….heads were shaved…. Strong: What the…? Darkstar: It can’t be…. Darkstar and Strong: The Manchester United “Let’s get drunk and sodomize people who hate us” fan club! [T.M.U.L.G.D.A.S.P.W.H.U.F.C.] Lightning descended from the heavens as, crashing through the gates, a collection of very angry looking men in red soccer jerseys stampeded through and made a menacing beeline towards the TWO-stars representatives in the center of the field. Darkstar and Strong: THEY’RE COMING RIGHT FOR US! ….but it was too late. The men in red were bearing down upon them, like an unholy avalanche that reeked of British hops and too much BBC. The human wave surged forth…. Darkstar and Strong: SHIIII----- ….and harmlessly ran past them…leaving a dizzy and still frenzied Christopher Eagles in their wake. Darkstar: What the….what was hell was that? Eagles: Oi, o-…what? Where am I? Darkstar: The stampede! What was with the stampede?? Eagles: Oh….oh that. Tickets. Darkstar: Tickets for WHAT? Eagles: The cup. Manchester United, dontcha know. Darkstar: But they haven’t even QUALIFIED yet! Eagles:….what? Darkstar: Never mind…just line up right there. Anywho, welcome both of you to BAAAAAALLLLLIIIIIINNNNN…… Came the long, dragged out reply. Soaring thousands of feet above the stadium in his private “Global Ballin Navigation” Jet, Mikhail Mills gracefully began his plummet to earth. Yanking on his parachute cord, his safety tool immediately inflated into place; a parachute in the pattern of the United States flag. Sporting all Sean-John attire, he finally planted his feet firmly into Wembley soil, before shooting an invigorated look at the boss…who seemed a bit unimpressed. Darkstar: Always one to make an entrance, huh? Well that makes three. Now if we could just find…. Dan:…… Darkstar: DEAR GOD?! Where did YOU come from?! The massive frame of Dan Jackson did not walk…nor parachute…nor riot it’s way into the stadium. It merely appeared…as the large, none too jolly man manifested himself over Darkstar’s right shoulder…with a menacing, Kawada-like glare in his eyes. Dan: …….. Darkstar:: …….. Dan:……. Darkstar:………….. Darkstar: Right then. Just go line up with the rest of them. Now….AHEM….gentlemen…..and now onto the reason why you’re all here. They awaited with running noses, distempered breaths, unparalleled excitement, and in some cases a crippling jock itch, Darkstar: You have been selected for the first ever….TWO-STARS UNITED STATE CHAAALLL….. JDZ: WAIT A MINUTE!!!! An out of breath James-Dario-to-the-Z comes sprinting out of breath into the arena…clearly worried about his time management skills. Darkstar: You’re late. JDZ: Right, right…but *pant* my agent had me booked for something else….see Anna Nicole Smith died…and it was this huge thing and…press coverage. Anyway, long story short, I’m starring as Anna in the new movie they’re making on her life. You can continue now. Darkstar: Right…now…aheem…..TWO-STARS UNITED STATES TITLE CHAAAALLLLEEEEEENGE!!!!!!!!!!!! GASP! To be continued…..
  9. ...Daniel Strong reading a letter, as his foot rests firmly on the back of a haggard looking telegram boy. He sits in plush surroundings, a deer precariously mounted on a wall of a posh, teak-carved study. Strong - Wembley? Telegram Boy -y-y-eah... The innocent delivery boy had arrived earlier with a telegram addressed "from Darkstar." Expecting a tip, and perhaps sexual intercourse with a mature housewife, he was met with a swift mafia kick to the face as well as being forced to do a degrading "Hillary Clinton dance." Agony. Strong - Did you say Wembley? Telegram By - ...y-yeah... The fear wrenching in his delivery-esque stomach.... Strong- MOTHER****ING WEMBLEY!>?!?!?!! Telegram Boy - Oh god...don't hurt...! Any moment now and..... Strong - .....I love Wembley! ....anticlimactic. His typically cocky American accent suddenly morphs into a distunguished, British dialect. Strong (in limey voice) - Dear Sir Christof must want me to play polo with him! Oh I say, and here I haven't had my tea! I must prepare my polo attire and my bag at once! Cheerio! The scene awkwardly fades to...
  10. What is Takeshi Morishima's gimmick? I recently saw his entrance in NOAH...and he came out in a fur coat and bowler derby. Wanted to know what that was all about.
  11. Tap had a better lyrical flow and more of a mix-up on insults, rather than playing up the homosexual and "yo mamma" angle as much. Vote: Spiral Tap
  12. I went from being totally content to having an ocular migraine in the space of two seconds. You...****.
  13. If it was a day later than Sat, I could make it...but i wont have time to meet a Sat. deadline :(
  14. Cheers indeed, Irish-boner. Hit me up on MSN...Maybe we'll come up with some-way to record and post a real-time back and forth. As a side note...may I have a somewhat different niche in the entrance video now that I'm actually ON the active roster? I've been "debuting as the special enforcer" for far too long. :-0
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