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  1. First post in a while. Thought I'd comment about this while I was stopping by. Yeah, The Wrestler is a quality movie. Rourke suits the character perfectly and the storyline, although simple, is carried perfectly. The little bits of gritty realism make this what it is. Everything from washed up wrestlers selling their VHS tapes from digging staples out of your skin after a hardcore match. The supermarket freak-scene scene is excellent as well because it has an autobiographical element to it based on Rourke's real experiences as the actor who lost it all. Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel-Wood carry their roles very well and all in all it's a highly enjoyable movie. As a wrestling fan, I was thoroughly entertained. I went to see it in a little art house cinema with lots of beret-wearing, note-taking, scarfed types around. From what I could overhear, most of them seemed to enjoy it but I cannot imagine it being anywhere near as interesting not being a wrestling fan. Perhaps the insight into the world is what makes it special. Ultimately, I think the movie is very simple. One flaw I did find in it was the end fight however. The blatant breaking of kayfabe wouldn't have gone unnoticed no matter how sympathetic the crowd could be. Yes, it was kind of necessary in the context of the plot but it seemed too obvious. In reality, such actions would have been kept closer to the chest and the audience would probably be somewhat oblivious. Afterall, it happens in every recent Hulk Hogan match you watch.
  2. I'm gonna call it a tie between HHH/Y2J and Cena/Umaga although I was a real sucker for HHH/Flair seeing as they're two favourites of mine. HHH/Y2J and Cena/Umaga were very different matches but they were both equally enjoyable.
  3. I'm not gonna list all of them, only the more obvious ones: Hulk Hogan = John Cena. Purely down to the underwhelming technical ability and incredible win-loss record. Vader = Umaga. A big man destoyer who's surprisingly agile and can carry opponents. Ultimate Warrior = "Big" Dave Batista. They both shake the ropes~!! Sid = Gene Snitsky. Because they're both big and terrible. Classic Sting = Cody Rhodes. Similar swagger about them in that they rely on their mannerisms more than their mic skills to get over.
  4. MCV didn't really do anything for me. He wasn't the worst by any means but he didn't look like getting anywhere either. Just another generic muscular guy with mediocre in-ring skills. It's a shame he had to leave under these circumstances though. I wish him and his family all the best.
  5. What about this PPV...hmm. I dunno, I'll probably end up ordering it having nothing better to watch on a Sunday night. The undercard is bareable. The IC Title triple threat could be fun. Guess they'll put Umaga over strongly. Would make sense seeing as he's in heel to face transition. I can't believe this Punk/"Morrison" thing is still going on. The matches have been acceptable although Punk's being booked very oddly with Morrison going over him clean twice. I don't buy the guy as champion of anything, never mind how shallow the ECW setup is at the moment. It's almost as if they're booking it like a diva feud. You see heels going over cleanly in those matches without too much hype. The crowd hasn't really been into it so far either. Yet another Rey/Chavo match? I'm bored already. Rey's useful but I can't buy him as a main event player again. Khali/Batista could be atrocious. Like a carwreck, you just won't be able to divert your eyes. Surely Big Dave goes over right? HHH/King Booker. What to say? The match will probably be grand but the storyline behind it is weak enough. HHH returning to take out Orton straight away would have made more sense but I guess they have a card to fill. Hopefully it will be a one night feud here against Booker. Everything he does these days puts me to sleep. I've a feeling Cena might actually go over for some reason here. Rumours are flying around about Orton setting up a feud with HHH but I think they can drag on the Cena gravy train a little longer. Match might be alright.
  6. Nash was considerably better than Sid in his prime. He was a competent brawler and had a believable style. Some of Sid's strike offence was downright awful-looking. Nash was much more comfortable and confident on the mic as well. That's what makes him a better champion for me.
  7. Sorry to be reviving a somewhat old thread, I haven't been online much recently and I'm behind a lot of the discussion. Hoyt doesn't have anything particularly special about him in order to succeed in the WWE. Even with a pretty strong push and a respectable gimmick, I still couldn't see him getting over with the crowd.
  8. I wouldn't have Matt as my first choice for champion either but if Edge can do it, I see no reason why Matt can't. Edge was a nobody, tinny babyface midcarder for years. His promos sucked and he was only known for TLC matches. Not far from where Hardy is now. One wonderful heel turn based on a real life incident later, he becomes a ready-made main eventer. Edge isn't a better wrestler than Hardy IMO. Turn Matt heel down the line and see where they can go with it. He seemed a lot more comfortable working heel with the Mattitude gimmick a few years back. He's been booked as too much of a sympathy case jobber. They need to change that.
  9. The SmackDown! Six a few years back was awesome.
  10. Hardy's one of the most entertaining wrestlers on SD! match-wise. I'm not sure about main event level quite yet but this feud with MVP is enjoyable. Hardy could one day make it to the top of the card but he's far from it right now. He hasn't been booked very well over the last couple of years despite having some great matches and his promo ability is far from championship grade. A few more years I reckon.
  11. Looks more like a women's snapmare/bulldog. Find a DDP gif already. He could hit one hell of a cutter.
  12. I don't think John Cena's on steroids. Yes, he is big, but no bigger than his days of appearing as a background extra on Baywatch. He doesn't show any side effects either like body acne or steroid cycles where one would put on a load of fat every couple of months. The guy's clearly a great athlete, I've only ever seen him break a sweat once (the TLC match against Edge). Batista? Yup, he's on them. The frequent muscle tears, the freakish upper body development, the throbbing veins sticking out of every muscle. All the signs are there. Slap the gold around his waist already why not. Lashley? Hard to tell. According to Kurt Angle (delusional as he is), Lashley only weighed 190lbs a few years back and then had this huge growth spurt. Apart from the ripped physique he hasn't displayed any other direct signs of steroid use although when I heard about those "elevated liver enzymes" (or whatever they were) last year, my suspicions arose.
  13. Three hour RAW and ditch ECW methinks.
  14. Thanks for the links OMAR DAYS. The match itself wasn't anything too special, I'll agree with Naitch. Still enjoyable hearing how the Japanese audience react to Angle's spots. Was it just me or did the commentators start laughing when Angle threw the first "stomp" punch?
  15. Anyone got links to footage of the match? I tried YouTube, no luck. :(
  16. I'd like to see a heel stable introduced but not the return of Evolution unless it was with the original four. Guys like Kennedy or Burke don't need to be part of a stable right now. Kennedy is on the verge of turning face and Burke is getting over very well on his own due to his natural charisma and very entertaining in-ring style. His match with CM Punk the other night is evidence of this. For a new stable, they need to build it around a main top heel. The only person I can think of right now is Edge.
  17. I agree. The sheer logic of having a random fan win the IC Title is ridiculous enough, managing to retain that title several times without outside help makes matters worse especially if we are to believe that Marella is just a fan who got the chance to wrestle and is going with the flow. It cheapens the idea of professional wrestlers paying their dues and perfecting their craft through years of practice.
  18. Lashley's well deserved of the glorified midcarder nothing title that is the ECW Championship. Batista was the right guy to give the World Heavyweight Title to the first time. The crowd got behind him and the storyline was there. Second reign maybe not though. In regards to HHH, which title run was undeserved? Maybe the one where the title was vacated after the Benoit/Edge/HHH triple threat to round off his number of title reigns to ten but it did make exciting TV at the time and helped push the Batista/HHH feud.
  19. My thoughts on how this one's shaping up: WWE Champion John Cena vs. The Great Khali (Pinfalls Count Anywhere Match) I think they'll probably keep this one reasonably short with Cena going over. They'll probably be a big spot at the end, something that's supposed to be spectacular putting over how difficult it is to take out Khali. I thought Undertaker/Khali Last Man Standing on SD! last year was an ok match, this should be about the same. ECW World Champion Mr. McMahon vs. Bobby Lashley (Street Fight) Like most McMahon matches, I think this one will be fun. Expect plenty of interferences and spots. I actually don't know who'll go over. I expect Lashley to be drafted to RAW so maybe there's no point giving him the ECW Title again. On the other hand, where are they going with Vince as ECW Champion? World Heavyweight Champion Edge vs. Batista (Steel Cage Match) I didn't actually see their first match but I heard it wasn't anything special. They should be able to up the stakes and make this an enjoyable match all the same. You can do a lot more in a cage match. I guess Edge will retain because I don't see another title reign in Batista just yet (if ever again!). Melina vs Candice Michelle (Pudding Match) Smoke break. World Tag Team Champions The Hardys vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team (Ladder Match) This should be a great spectacle. The Hardys thrive in this sort of environment so you know they're going to deliver their end of the bargain and make this special. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin haven't really done anything significant in ages so this is a perfect opportunity to show what they're made of even though I don't see either having a great future in the WWE. Hardys to retain methinks. Six-Man Tag Team Tables Match This all-ECW bout is shaping up to be decent. They're building the Punk/Burke rivalry up well and I expect this match to provide a few nice bumps through those seldomly-used tables. The faces will probably go over. Randy Orton vs. RVD (Stretcher Match) This one should be interesting. As far as I know, RVD is leaving so I guess this will be his swansong. Hopefully he'll produce something worth remembering. Stretcher matches are nice and adaptable so there's no reason for this not to be good. Overall a pretty strong card IMO. Having every match as a gimmick match is a good idea for this PPV and I'm looking forward to this a lot more than some of the other recent shows we've seen. I'll have the popcorn out.
  20. My top ten: 1. John Cena Started the year off with an excellent singles match with Umaga which was a lot better than I expected. It was a classic old-school style main event and something we haven't seen in a long time. Both men did both their jobs perfectly. Went on to have an equally good Last Man Standing rematch, again with innovation. An acceptable WrestleMania main event with Shawn Michaels followed what many consider to be the Match of the Year so far in their one hour rematch which saw Michaels go over. Most recently a believable feud against the very limited Great Khali. It's being handled well though limiting Khali's ring time but still putting him over despite his obvious lack of mobility. Cena's carrying the company at the moment despite whether you might think his title reign is getting stale by now. 2. Shawn Michaels Shawn Michaels has stepped up his game ever since HHH stepped out of the main event slot due to injury. He made the Royal Rumble memorable with that great finish against the Undertaker. He followed this up with the Cena feud, one good match, one great match. Unfortunately he's recently been injured. He'll be badly missed but at least it allows others to grab the spotlight. 3. Undertaker Brilliantly handled during the Royal Rumble and all the way through to WrestleMania where he provided a possible Match of the Night against Batista, a man as we've seen in the past that can be very difficult to carry. Really lifted SD! for the few weeks that he was champion. He upped his game and his aura of invincibility was brought back. Another injury though. His year has been cut short. 4. Bobby Lashley Love him or hate him the guy's been delegated a lot of work this year. Wrestling on almost every show and booked as unstoppable, it's a lot to ask of a relative rookie but he's managed to make it through that difficult patch getting over as Donald Trump's representative and has started to come into his own. He'll continue to be pushed heavily. 5. Umaga As mentioned, the Cena feud was excellent and really established Umaga as a great big man who can definitely be relied on to put on a decent main event style match-up. The WrestleMania encounter with Bobby Lashley was good fun and Umaga, despite his undefeated record going out the door, is still a highly credible main event level heel. 6. Batista Despite the decision to feud him against the Undertaker both as faces resulting in Batista losing the crowd somewhat, he has definitely shown great improvement ever since his role as a SD! main eventer came into question. Decent matches with Kennedy early in the year followed by a very entertaining program with the Undertaker, Batista's done surprisingly well of late. 7. Edge Suffering an injury recently enough, Edge wasn't wrestling much on RAW but has still been involved in some of the best moments of the past few months including that wild bump at WrestleMania in the Money in the Bank ladder match and becoming the World Heavyweight Champion over on SD! consolidating his role as a top heel, for now. 8. Matt Hardy Whether it's tag teaming on RAW with brother Jeff, or in singles action on SD!, Matt Hardy's had an excellent year constantly providing matches of good to excellent quality with a wide range of opponents. Some great matches on SD! with the likes of Finlay, Gregory Helms, MVP, Kennedy etc. and re-captured form as a great tag wrestler on RAW as World Tag Team Champion. Should be booked stronger sometime soon. *WILL POST MORE LATER*
  21. I actually thought that was ok. It prolonged the feud and it made Edge look ruthless.
  22. This idea came to me when I was reading from another thread. What was the worst job-out you've ever seen in wrestling? As in, what was the most humbling defeat you've ever seen. The worst I've ever seen was Matt Hardy jobbing out to the one-legged Zach Gowen a few years back, SummerSlam I think it might have been. That sort of job-out is a complete skeleton in Hardy's closet if he ever hopes to become a true main eventer.
  23. I'm surprised no-one mentioned the first Batista/JBL match. It was pityful.
  24. Edge is being booked under the classic "cowardly heel" template. The same kind of one HHH was working when he was trying to get people to cheer Scott Steiner a few years back. I think it suits Edge's character. He's the opportunistic champion who's smarter than he is a great fighter. The crowd buy into it because they boo him. Putting him over good babyfaces convincingly only destroys them.
  25. I guess wrestling's improved my knowledge of US geography. That's about it.
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