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  1. Personally, I was relieved when Vince had himslf off camera and out of the spotlight for a while. While I beilieve that the GM should play a big role in making matches, Vince is shining too much of the spotlight on himself. I for one would like to see the return of Eric Bischoff, because he could play a lot of different charchters, usually the coward trying to act tough. I was sure he was going to come back with the 3 minute Warning, but than Rosie was released and Jamal turned into Umaga...
  2. Nathan Jones was hyped as being this monstrous wrestler, but came in and looked like he had never had a match before. What a big dissapointment
  3. I have met Tommy Dreamer, Spike Dudley, Mikey Whipwreck, Amazing Red, Jerry Lynn, Joel Maximo and the Grim Reefer.
  4. it says at the IMDB that the guy who was playing Andre died while filming this movie. Filming will resume with a new lead.
  5. I have to go with Kennedy on this one. The guy was getting great crowd reactions before that injury, and I think that he can be fairly big in the company when he returns full time.
  6. One of the first ideas that jumped out at me was JBL versus Carlito. JBL is charismatic as hell, and Carlito isnt far behind him. I think that they could have an entertaining feud for maybe a month. I was also thinking maybe Big Show versus Randy Orton. I know that neither of them are technicians in the ring, and I can't stand Randy Orton, but something tells me that this feud would draw. Or I could be wrong, hell, it's happened before.
  7. Damn, they didnt even get a chance to show too much of their stuff. Its a shame they were released already, they werent bad in the ring.
  8. I totally agree with Mick and most of the people who responded to this thread. By having Orton makes those comments, it just shows a lack of respect for Eddie Guerrero and what he has doen for the business. If Orton can't get that kind of heat without mocking someone's death, than he is either playing the wrong charachter or he is in the wrong business. I can't imagine what was going through the writer's head who came up with this garbage.
  9. To me the shirt looks pretty thrown together. Not one of the better designs that I have seen in my opinion. I feel like the T-shirts actually look worse if you put the superstar on it, the exception being the Eddie Tribute one.
  10. I hope that Edge stays champ until Wrestlemania, or else his reign will be just another way to get Cena over.
  11. He still wrestles, and he does a lot of the things he used to. Mikey can flip off the top rope, and go hardcore. He is currently in a small independent wrestling company called New York Wrestling Connection. I have seen him wrestle their live three times, and I was never dissapointed.
  12. They were split during the draft lottery. Danny is in OVW bringing back his Damaja gimmick and Doug was wrestling on Velocity as "the Bashman" Doug Basham. I think the Gymini will be allright in the Tag division, they seem like they will almost bring a rougher APA style to the division. I'm going to wait and see how they do though, because I could be mistaken.
  13. Can anyone get me a Matt Striker avatar? I would really appreciate it:xyx
  14. I think he definitly has a good chance of at least making some sort of impact in the WWE. Like someone else mentioned, nothing he does really seems forced, he plays his charachter very well. He also has that rough style of wrestling that I see very few smaller guys using. The look is great for Murdoch's charachter as well, I just hope they continue to build him up and don't give him a title to soon. If he beats a couple of lower guys and really shows what he can do in the ring, than I think he should be able to grab the IC title.
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