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  1. How could it be Hatton as he only appeared in three segments, hardly enough to ruin the whole show.
  2. Right now is the first time for a long time all of TNA's titles are being heldby 'TNA Originals' (or non WWE/WCW/ECW people), I wonder ho long that will last
  3. Right now is the first time for a long time all of TNA's titles are being heldby 'TNA Originals' (or non WWE/WCW/ECW people), I wonder ho long that will last
  4. Apparenly Bischoff is going with him, which coud maybe help things from a booking and prodcution side
  5. Apparenly Bischoff is going with him, which coud maybe help things from a booking and prodcution side
  6. 'Hey I'm HHH, and i'm here to make YOU RVD, a star'
  7. Did Cena actually say that Dibiasie/Rhodes challenging would be like a re-run, then they announced HBK and HHH challenging, unbelievably stale booking WWE. Then having them loose the tag team match was just stupid but at least Kofi's getting something!
  8. Kurt's so crazy he'd take probaby any move!! The omens can't be bad fo Wolfe, the last man who stood up to Angle on his debut was John Cena!
  9. Really not a bad show at all, a Rhodes/Kingston program would definately be something new and interesting!! I thought the ironman was done pretty well, this was definately different to others because they probaby couldn't have entertained the crowd for an hour with just wrestling. The match as perfectly placed, the ony sad part was you could see the ending coming from quite a way away, it was just a bit too predictable. Interesting to see where Orton goes from here, i understand what people say that the tapout makes himlook a bit weak (especially one could argue when the crowd were clearly counting down from 10) The two things i realy hated about the match ws firstly Cena's head being glued together, I know that sounds barbaric but that matc needed blood, this was meant to be the culmination of a war, it would have been more epic with the blood, and having the doctors come in and clean him up just killed the momentum for me for a while, it's the perfect example of WWE-PG stopping something that could have added to the drama of the match. Secondly I wasn't really a fan of how one minjute Cena can be just about dead, and then five minutes later be running around, lifting orton and walking around like he felt no effect of the near 20 minute beatdown put on him by orton, if kind of makes it look orton a bit stupid as if orton's offence never had that mch impact. But Cena does that every match, sells for dead and then springs up as if nothing happened. Shame Cena's got the title now, but he's only going to go onto another overplayed fued with HHH or someone like that, whereas hopefully Orton'sfued with Dibase will start to slow build nw, which will be WAY more interesting.
  10. That video single handedly made the Cena/Orton match worth watching, because after Raw this week i was more geared up for Ted/Orton than Cena/Orton. I'm hoping they used the Orton/Ted angle as a way to test the waters with Ted's face status, he really played his role awsome and got a reaction out of a fairly crap crowd. I'd love them to slow build this through till Mania 26 for the title, it's been such a long time since Mania has had a title match with a young gun who's not been in the main event scene for ages.
  11. Cena's promo was awful, he pretty much made it seem like looing the title meant nothng to him or anthing like that SHOCKINGLY awful stuff
  12. No suprise they didn't show too many Smackdown moments probably becuse it shows a time when WWE booked good shows. The only two good bits of the show were the Rock promo (Cena and DX take note that's how you are funny, and notice Rock didn't com across fake, lame or stupid) and the Eddie video (anyone know the song name??). The main event was a glorified squash really with the faces running riot over the heels (Orton jobs yet again), Cena generally doing his lazy piss-poor offence, HHH taking maybe one punch, and the heels bumping round like crazy. The heel team are everything that's right with WWE, the faces are everything that's wrong, it's really that simple. And boy the womens division sucked, Melina/Michelle are both AWFUL
  13. awful AWFUL show, nothing on it was good, they treated Legacy like a joke, and Orton was made to look the same, Cena's selling was a joke (he just magically recovered from back pain), Shrapton was nothing, and the whole show just seemed awfully written.
  14. I really feel sorry for Orton, he's arguably the greatest heel in recent years and he has NO decent faces to work with, HHH is boring and been done to death, ditto Cena to a lesser extent. They need to elevate some faces fast to give Orton someone decent and interesting to work with. And Miz is amazing, he should have snuck up and eliminated Cena, it would have made him such a more legit contender.
  15. I'd argue that Orton would be a better candidate than Cena in 2009, I think he brings something fresh and exciting to the title. Cena's reigns get really dull really fast.
  16. That match kind of highlights how stale and boring the Raw main event scene is. Cena's stale and just repetetive. Big SHow's awful HHH is dullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Orton rules but has no-one decent to work with
  17. It was definately too far, it was acutally disgusting to watch
  18. Oh joy, HHH is back, cue mroe reiveting main event storylines and interesting matches :lol Anone else think Cena made Miz look like a joke by laughing at hmwhen he came i the ring?? An Vince McMahon really has some sick fascination or embarrasing people as they leave, his presented Vickie Gurrero as a fat pig who everyone can laugh at, the man is just tasteless. He's probably a little jealous because she showed him how to be an awsome authority figure in this century.
  19. If Vince is firing people for getting injured now we should say goodbye to HHH and Batista:lol
  20. He must have messed up big time to get the release!
  21. well if the title is available HHH won't be able to resist
  22. Shocking event eally Big Show/ Cena has got to be one of the worst matches i've ever seen boring, unimaginative, slow and a DUMB finish, Big Show was holding his legs on the ropes and surely that's a rope break, that whole thing was awful, they should have shortened that match by 10 minutes and given the ladder match even more time. I'm not suprised WWE gave Batista the belt despite being injured, WWE has been LITTERED with bad booking lately and this is just another bad pointless decision. Ladder match was very decent, up there with Jericho/Rey as match of the night, but i think it could have used some build up wrestling at the start, apart from that it was decent, some really creative spots. Punk's cashing in as a shock, but I was more suprised at Jeff kicking out, the crowd was booing punk so hopefully that's his heel turn and fued with Jeff Hardy on the way Way below average event though
  23. I'd say LOD over DXto be honest, E&C were more innovative for tag team wrestling than DX
  24. John Morrison- Main event, not sure if he'd be best heel/face The Miz- main event heel no doubt Jack Swagger- main event heel Evan Bourne- upper midcard, new age Rey Mysterio Kofi Kingston- midcard US title most of his career CM Punk- He'll be upper midcard, maybe another brief title run Ted DiBiase- Well when they let him actually get offence on a main eventer he could get into the main event, but turning him face would kill his characer. Cody Rhodes- I think he can do the same as DiBiase, as long as he acually gets made to look credible, not just a jobber. David Hart Smith- Hopefully the Hart Foundation group can be pushed on a main shpow into the main eventish area Tyson Kidd- Same as Smith Dolph Ziggler- upper midcard heel Santino Marella- midcard comedy act Ricky Ortiz- released Mike Knox- He'll take the sntsky route, pushed then released Vladimir Kozlov- Relased Zack Ryder- Released Curt Hawkins- Released
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