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  1. One last post, for old times sake.... Wow, still in the top 20, despite being absent for over a year with on and off visits everytime Kam came and poked me on msn! Great to know I'm so fondly remembered :xyx Ohwell, I've been busy with my life, work, college, girlfriend (yes, shocking I know) and my own lil bustling forum. Can't say I don't miss this place though, alot of memories here, most of them bad, but then, bad memories are essential, forever telling us where we went wrong. Made some decent online chums here, kinda fallen away from them now though, tragic.... For the good of the forum, I've quit my forum leader position in favour of someone who is ACTIVE, I wonder which lucky sausage Kam will pick! It better be someone worthy! Peter - Attention seeking whore? Don't be silly, I'm the silly one EVERYONE LOOK AT ME! MEEEEE! Miss T - Eh? It's 23:06 just now, so don't worry.... Thing is, you'll hate it but it's true, you'll probably never forget me, bwahaha.....errr, sorry for etching myself upon your inner eyelids, it's not pleasant, but it's too late now! :( And with that........ta-ra!
  2. I bloody love this show, so many hilarious characters, like Vicky Pollard the townie girl and Mr McHooney the scottish nut with the piccalilo XD~~
  3. I quite like this channel, the first match I caught was Low-ki versus 3 kids, that was cool. It's great to see the indies in action. I have to report, that it'll soon be moving to it's own seperate channel, hopefully this means that everything will be shown uncut!!
  4. Aha Ricky O :D I need to get the Region 1 version of Ichi the killer, it's uncut!
  5. Here's Lat Me, caught off guard by a mate, the camera doesn't like me much, but the pictures only a few weeks old.
  6. Sod that, I only watched a bit of pop idol this year and it was that freak in the sparkly suit singing tainted love, now that was funny, he should of won it.
  7. They should of put you in the retirement home long ago Pab! :xyx
  8. Excellent! I have been raving about Japanese stuff for ages but none of you's have listened! Battle Royale is a fscking amazing film, I can't wait to get my hands on the sequel soon!! Other films you should check out from the east include - Audition The Eye Ring (and the two sequels, not the moderate american remake) Dark Water The Happiness of the Katakuris (sound of music with volcanoes and zombies). Freezer. And watch some bleeding anime too! DO ITTTTTT *shakes fist* I notice Tajiri is a fan, woo!
  9. Oh har har! Witty pun pabster you git ;) My neck is all better now :P As for that guy, I pull muscles every week at work and don't go sueing anyone, although, I reckon that guy is just in it for the money, which ain't a bad idea......
  10. OK, like the "what are you listening to now" threads, but with a slight twist. I seem to be listening to a whole load of single songs from bands, not like full albums or a range, just 1, maybe 2. The following have only recieved a one track hearing from me recently - 36 Crazyfists - "Two Months From A Year" Red Hot Chilli Peppers - "Fortunes Faded" Children Of Bodom - "Needled 24/7" Billy Talent - "Try Honesty" Three Days Grace - "I Hate Everything About You" (listened to this like 20 times in a row last night) Gackt - "Vanilla" B'z - "It's Showtime!" Schwarz Stein - "New Vogue Children" Ayumi Hamasaki - "Evolution" Maaya Sakamoto - "Hemisphere" Your turn! :xyx
  11. Ahh that chicken fight scene was hilarious, but cut out from sky, infact, most of that episode was cut. Absolutely love the show, got all the DVD's and this is bloody excellent news, I'd love for another 35 episodes of un-PC comedy back with us!! :xyx
  12. Ah, theres nothing more unattractive then a girl with a fag hanging off her lip. Hard for me to say that, as my girlfriend smokes :( (Still think shes hot though otherwise). She did tell me she had quit a few weeks back, 7 days later (probably less but I hadn't seen her), she was smoking again. Smoking is just an awful thing to do to yourself and others, smelly and deadly and shows how little will power people have. It's also an incredible waste of money. In every thread thats ever appeared at TWO about smoking i've said this - "Smoking is the most expensive form of suicide......"
  13. While she was doing something illegal, she's 12 years old FFS! RIAA, a giant corporation vs a schoolgirl. Yeah, that'll make you look all big and mighty won't it...... If they want us to buy music........No way am I paying HMV 19 of my precious pounds for an 8 track CD. For that price, I expect 2 discs, a supplimentary DVD, poster, special case and for it to make me breakfast in bed.
  14. Yeah it's coming back, but I don't really wanna use it, read on the bbc website yesterday about hash tracking. Seems the FBI or someone has a list of traces of people using napster and are trying to force a woman to pay a shed load of money for every track she distributed. So i'll stick with kazaa lite :>
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