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  1. I think golf looks so boring, so I can't say that I follow it. I like hearing about the gossip though. My father plays golf, so I can tell you that double-bogey means the golfer sunk the ball within two strokes. I'm not sure what birdie means though. I never heard him use that term.
  2. If you're into MMA and boxing then I'm afraid you'll probably need to look for a blog that specifically relates to those sports. The all-in-one blogs just don't cover combat sports as well. Sky Sports is a good one for that. It covers F1 too.
  3. I use the CeraVe cream that comes in a big jar. I'd honestly prefer a pump, but I haven't anything that works as good as this cream. It's rich without making my skin greasy.
  4. Which programmes do you enjoy that have standalone episodes? Those that tell the full story within one episode and that don't require you do have seen previous episodes to enjoy it.
  5. I still think about the ending to Dawson's Creek sometimes. I was heavily invested in their relationships as a tween. I'm still not sure whether Joey made the right decision.
  6. Do you guys remember The Corre? That stable had no chemistry together and seemed shoddily put together. It was Wade Barrett's worst career move. It was just really bad. I agree that the McMahons, particularly Vince, have starred in more bad storylines than anyone else. Remember when Hornswoggle was supposed to be Vince's illegitimate son?
  7. I'm no fan of Trump, but I've also never been fond of Boris Johnson or Prince Charles, yet I was still upset when they were hospitalized with COVID-19. It made the threat feel more real somehow. Boris Johnson acted much like Trump and downplayed the seriousness of the virus early on, so I was afraid that he wouldn't seek real medical care, but he did. I'm sure Trump isn't actually trying all those quack science remedies that the touted either. He had claimed to be taking hydroxychloroquine daily in order to ward of the virus, but I'm sure that's stopped. Things change when the person becomes ill. I wouldn't worry about it too much because real doctors will see to him.
  8. I'm not sure if it's just gossip, but Ronda Rousey is said to be returning to the WWE soon. I really wish she wouldn't. I've no interest in the WWE reviving the Becky versus Rousey feud. It had so much potential before, but it turned out disappointing. I'd like to see Becky in the ring with Sasha Banks and Shayna Baszler more often as they're all fiercely competitive and don't seem consumed with what the audience is thinking of their every move. Rousey was like a deer caught in the headlights when the crowd booed her. Do you think Rousey will return? How do you see it going if she does?
  9. I like most of their themes and think they suit each personality. All except for MJF's. It starts with MJF saying his motto, "I'm better than you," then heads straight into generic elevator music. It's bonkers! I'm a massive fan of his, but that theme song is just pathetic.
  10. I moved back in with my mum and dad. I had lost my job at the start of the pandemic. I absolutely panicked when I couldn't find another job within a couple of weeks, and was afraid I'd run out of savings and not be able to afford my rent in a few months time. So I packed up my flat and moved back home. It was all very impulsive, but the news had been dreadful mind you, and I was convinced that we were all heading for economic ruin. Well, I found another job in my field within the same month. I'm still kicking myself for acting so impulsively.
  11. All the games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise have appealing music, but "San Andreas" and "Vice City" are a cut above the others. "San Andreas" led me to discover Rage Against the Machine. "Vice City" had a ton of older songs that I'd never heard before like Iron Maiden's 2 Minutes to Midnight and Toto's Africa.
  12. i just came here to post about this. Like you, I've never seen the show, but I've heard it gossiped about enough that I feel like a viewer. I wonder what happened? Was it Kanye's craziness that pushed it over the edge?
  13. It sounds messy and I'm here for it! I wish they had some of the successful Mormon bloggers on the show, but I guess those ladies weren't foolish enough to jeopardize their income for a little more fame.
  14. "Chain mail" is a favourite of mine. It's metal armour that's formed by a pattern of small chain links. Another is "to pull a blinder" which just means to skillfully achieve something that's difficult. "Bog-standard" is another and it means ordinary. I haven't used that one in a while.
  15. Have any of you guys ever played Animal Crossing? It's super popular with my young niece, so I just assumed that it's a kid's game. Good on them for being so successful though.
  16. I've been watching the second season of NOS4A2 and the episodes have been hit-or-miss, but one thing that's become stunningly clear is that Joe Hill basically rewrote his father's bestselling novel, It. Joe Hill's dad is the legendary Stephen King. There are loads of similarities between It and NOS4A2. Both include a monster adversary with supernatural qualities. Both monsters were hard to kill. In fact, there were moments in both stories where the protagonists thought it was over and the monster was dead, only to have it return. Both monsters fed off children in order to stay alive. These monsters lured children by warping their world with "magic". They would get inside other peoples' heads as a form of coercion, and they manipulated their surroundings to further their end. Both stories are built on the backs of horrible parents and how they treat their children is a major driver of the plot and each kids personality. Sexual assault is portrayed in both stories including the victimization of children. The adults in both stories fail to listen to the kids when they try reaching out, parents or not. Joe Hill chose his pen name so no one would think his success was due to his father's influence. Maybe someone should tell him that he essentially just rewrote his father's book.
  17. I've never even heard of it, but I'm not from the US and for some reason, the aliens seem to frequent you guys more often. Must be some amazing hospitality.
  18. It's supposed to be in post-production. I wasn't fond of the original, but I reckon the remake might turn out better. I like Rebecca Ferguson and think she's quite talented, but I'll probably wait until it hits Netflix or some other streaming service before watching.
  19. But that is a big deal, surely. I would expect the Jackson heir to dine at the fanciest of places, not at a takeaway spot. Shouldn't he be eating a sumptuous 10-course meal similar to the likes of Downtown Abbey? But, no, no, Blanket is just like one of us. He's so relatable. I assume that's the hook anyway.
  20. Things that most people love, but you absolutely hate (or at least don't get the fuss). What would make your list? -steak -pub quizzes (fun at first, but got old quickly) -Elton John (bit boring) -Prince William - brow lamination -true-crime podcasts -John Cena -The Rock (though I do go back and forth with that one)
  21. My 42-year-old cousin just announced on Facebook that she's pregnant. I offered my congratulations, but in the back of my mind, I admit I think that's awfully late in life to have children. Her husband is already 48-years-old. I know it's a sensitive topic and I'd never say anything rude to her, but it made me think, how old is too old when it comes to starting a family?
  22. Ticks. I can't stand the little buggers. Anything that sucks your blood is just disgusting. Misquotes and fleas tie for second place. I can handle the other pests.
  23. How has your relationship changed with your siblings now that you're an adult? I think it's more typical for sibling relationships to flourish when they're no longer living under the same roof. What about you?
  24. Babies can get diaper rash and suffer from UTI problems if they sit around in a soiled nappy for ages. I think most parents worry about SIDS too, and would find it hard to sleep through the night without checking on their infant.
  25. It depends on what the critics are saying really. Some critics are awful and will pick apart a film just for the sake of it which is usually obvious. Others are more objective and will mention something specific that I wouldn't like either. I usually ignore the former and listen to the latter. Have any of your mates seen the film? Might be worth checking round to get their opinions.
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