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  1. RVD souldn't be challenging for the title at all. But if I have to put up with it, I'd like to see him getting beaten up by - I mean 'challenging' - Triple H
  2. Play season mode or a bit, that'll earn you some money.
  3. Neither. Both incredibly overrated.
  4. First one. It had RVD and Booker T in it, now that's bad.
  5. WWE seem to be chaging their ways when it comes to Tag Teams recently, they're sorting out the Cruisers too by partnering them up as Tag Teams. Eg, Mexicools, London & Kendrick, Noble & Kash etc. They're killing two birds with one stone, it's great.
  6. You sure? I'm sure it was around Backlash time.
  7. Not enough Kane or Spirit Squad on RAW for my liking.
  8. Brick's BoyToys are in. EDIT: Does the scoring start at Backlash or the monday after? Or before?
  9. Naw, DikDik Van Dik was the best character ever! And when he finally won a match... I'm getting emotional just thinking about it...:cry
  10. The way wrestlings going theres going to be more storylines and promos and less wrestling on the weekly shows but more of the actual wrestling on PPV. Just the way I like it :)
  11. RAW Futurama South Park Banzai Scrubs EDIT: How could I forget Smackdown!? .. Because it's crap? Yeah, but I watch it wnyway. I also rarely miss Heat and Velocity.
  12. Nah, it'll be Max Danger McMahon-Helmsley.
  13. I don't really care who the new GM is anymore, I just need some closure for **** sake. I've been waiting since October and I'm starting to get pissed off!
  14. Have you forgotten what I told you about sucking my balls?
  15. Don't like Cena. Don't like his matches. Don't like his promos. Don't like his constant comebacks. Don't like his 'Chain Gang'. Don't like the champ being here, for over 12 months. Don't like his fat lips. Don't like his G-unit ripoff merchandise. Don't like his gay jokes. Don't like how it's a cliche to hate him. Don't like the fact that I'm supposed to feel sorry for him. Get the point?
  16. Fans like Draven, who push their oppinions down the throats of the rest of the members of TWO. And who seem to go out of their way to be rude and patronising.
  17. Aw nuts, I thought today was Monday. Got proper excited... I'm sad now...
  18. Khali wasn't speaking English was he? I couldn't understan a word of it so I assumed he was speaking Indian or summat.
  19. For me it's RAW, and (almost) always has been. I prefer the promos to matches, seriously I'm a mark for a well executed promo and RAW has 2 of the best promo guys in the business (IMO), Triple H and Edge. There's only one fault I can find with RAW and that's John Cena. Yeah I know Cena hatred has become a cliche but I hated Cena waaay before it became cool. My problem with SD is the outlandish characters, like Boogeyman, they have no place in wrestling anymore. Plus it's too wrestling heavy, like their push of Benoit who IMO is boring as hell, as I said I'm a mark for a promo and Benoit can't deliver. At all... Ever.
  20. Naaaw! We need more Triple H backstage involvement, not less!
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