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  1. This is a challenging question for me. "Good" depends on my mood. Sometimes I feel drained and just want to see a stoner comedy, and other times I want to see a dark, depressing documentary.
  2. Try tracking more specifically what you suspect makes you put on weight. For me, I noticed that salty soups and flour-heavy desserts have an effect.
  3. I laughed out loud at that Zoolander scene. There was another random moment in Election with Reese Witherspoon (just using a little split screen of her face and voice) that cracked me up as well.
  4. I have been thinking about avoiding super-crowded areas from now on. Sadly, that would leave a lot of the beautiful hot spots like Venice out.
  5. When you read, study, or work, do you prefer silence in the background or music? If music, do you prefer instrumentals? I find it distracting if I read while songs with lyrics are also playing.
  6. Thanks to that movie and Rocketman, I think musician bios are now my favorite genre. I love seeing songwriting onscreen and the rise to stardom.
  7. Maybe pirating is still going strong? Also, I often listen to YouTube and Alexa channels without really thinking of buying tracks. Probably not what musicians out there want to hear.
  8. It seems like standup is half-tame and half-controversial much if not all the time. Dave Chappelle, Ali Wong, and Sarah Silverman come to mind, in addition to others named here.
  9. A friend of mine spent the afternoon on a California beach. He hated it and said that he is "...not a beach person." I relate. I get more energized walking through city streets, compared to swimming in the ocean or hiking on a forest trail. Where do you prefer exploring?
  10. I read that procrastination is an odd type of perfectionism. You worry or get overwhelmed about not finishing perfectly, so you avoid starting to cope.
  11. I really enjoyed it. Gurinder Chadha made some fun and creative choices. I thought it was cool sharing bits about young Asian-British culture, like daytimers.
  12. What is the "in" thing to eat in your neighborhood? I see more Japanese eateries, especially ramen and udon shops. I also notice more vegan cafes and bubble tea stalls.
  13. I like turning on subtitles even for English-language movies and TV. They help if characters speak softly or use lots of regional slang or names.
  14. I prefer longer night hours. Cities are prettier then (a bit of light pollution is okay with me) and I like seeing people dressed up for dinner and other outings.
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