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  1. I read comments about Keanu Reeves' girlfriend Alexandra Grant that made me sad and annoyed. The comments praise Reeves for dating someone close to his age, 55. Grant is 46. I guess by Hollywood standards, a nine-year difference is "close"?
  2. I buy maybe one scented candle a year just because. I walk by the aromatherapy section at the market but am lost about what each oil is used for, besides feeling more relaxed or energized.
  3. Glad to hear you liked it, @Boomer ! This might be way up there for me for the best of 2019. I recognized the actor who played Ki-Taek from another of the director's movies, but the other adults also look familiar.
  4. I get into busy mode at work, too. The things that make me happiest, though, are the lazy things: web surfing (for hours), eating (even when not hungry), just hanging out with family and friends.
  5. "Come Together" because of the random and fun lyrics, "Something" because of its dreaminess, and then the awesomeness of "Because" to the very sudden end.
  6. I got a free three-month trial and then accidentally paid for an extra month. I like it but not sure if I love it. I do like how it can start a station/playlist based on your currently playing song. Are you using Apple Music?
  7. @North - Yes, I saw all the episodes! I like the decision to switch up the casting to better match the characters' ages. My favorite so far was Jared Harris as King George VI. Very moving.
  8. I nominate The Wire, Extras, Breaking Bad, and Black Mirror. I would also add The Office, the original UK series. I had no motivation to get through all the US episodes, as great its reputation.
  9. Besides often being packaged in single-use plastic, doctors and nutritionists have been warning the public that soda, especially diet, is horrible for you. But you know what? Even armed with this knowledge I still grab a cold Coke Zero a couple of times of week. Have you given it up?
  10. I am not a fan of anything on my head or neck. What makes me crazy with most headphones is the cord brushing against me.
  11. Did anyone see or march in yesterday's youth protests? The turnouts were huge! I was out of the city but watched local and round-the-world footage.
  12. Would recording concerts with your phone and uploading on social media count? A lot of those posts get taken down quickly, but not before others make their own copies, etc.
  13. I went to a wedding that was an hour late, and most of the people seemed forgiving. However, I cannot imagine how irked they would get waiting two hours plus.
  14. Do you listen to any country performers? I have a few Johnny Cash songs in my files and a couple others by Dolly Parton. I hardly ever play them, though.
  15. I agree that it depends on cultural background. I would add personal finances as well, especially in this time of rising rents and home prices.
  16. headrush


    Thanks for sharing that. I live in the general area, and this is something that will loom to various degrees for who knows how long.
  17. In late summer, crickets show up in my neighborhood. Sometimes, one jumps inside my place. I hate trying to get it to leave. Getting close to crickets and other large insects creep me the *bleep* out. I really should grow up about this. Do you get spooked by big bugs?
  18. It can get insanely humid here in the summer, so I have lots of iced espresso and tea drinks then. I also like trying pumpkin spice drinks in the fall.
  19. I want to at least sign up for a month-long trial. I like Disney Plus's menu choices, like all of The Simpsons and Pixar movies.
  20. I saw the Japanese American Museum in Los Angeles. Hardly anyone was there, and the building is quite spacious. There was a tattoo exhibition at the time.
  21. I want to see The Crown. The casting of the main characters is pretty cool. I look forward to seeing Olivia Coleman as the Queen.
  22. I have a hard time seeing how these award shows could impact today's sales as much as they did in the past. Performers' contracts, maybe.
  23. headrush


    I like most things about autumn. Halloween is okay. Most people, definitely kids, just like having that day to dress up. I tried dressing up as a soldier a few years ago and looked awful!
  24. I start getting annoyed when I think a movie is getting really quirky or hipster. I feel that way about many of Wes Anderson's movies. What is your cinematic dealbreaker?
  25. I wonder who else will get cast and who will direct? It seems like the main trio have had respectable careers, but nothing with quite the wow factor of HP.
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