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  1. Streaming films and TV is great, but now with the pandemic I miss going to the multiplex. I only go about once a month, but I always like catching a new release on a huge screen in a dark cool room, even buying overpriced popcorn. Do you miss it also?
  2. I just scroll through whatever the YouTube algorithm picks. The one channel I follow most regularly is Insider and its sub-channels like Food Insider. I agree that the platform has a lot of sameness to it. Other times, you hit pure gold with random searches.
  3. Last night, I saw Bad Education on HBO. It stars Hugh Jackman and is based on a true story: In 2002, Frank Tassone — superintendent of a Long Island, New York, school district — got busted for embezzling millions over some years. Jackman was awesome. What movies or TV do you recommend from other channels?
  4. Zoom is better than Skype or Google Hangouts for larger groups. Microsoft Teams is supposed to be pretty good, too, especially if you already use Office 365.


    Not tired of Zoom yet. Mandatory sheltering, yes.

  5. Better Call Saul just made it to my watch-list. Has/Did anyone of you watch Bosch, and if so, was it enjoyable?

    Have not seen Bosch, but the story line looks good! I recognize Lance Reddick, from The Wire and the John Wick movies.


    @Boomer Tomorrow is the BCS season finale. This season was so, so intense.

  6. Yesterday, I wore a cloth face mask for the first time ever. I hated it. I have much so appreciation now for people who wear them all day for work or other responsibilities. Are you wearing a mask these days?
  7. Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt star in 12 Monkeys which is a film about a deadly virus that destroyed most of humanity and involves time travel to find the original source of the virus in hopes of developing a cure. It's an older film, but the action and suspense is good.

    Such a great movie with an interesting mix of actors: Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Christopher Plummer, Christopher Meloni, among others. The ending really hits you.

  8. I can see it now: All this panic buying, leading to overstuffed refrigerators and pantries. Unless the shopper is really organized about expiration dates and what to eat when, lots of fruit, veg, bread, and meat will start going bad. Multiply that by who knows how many households. Garbage pickup may get busier than ever!
  9. Has COVID-19 affected businesses, schools, and other areas where you live? Nothing different in my neighborhood so far, but I know that Chinatown has seen a big customer drop. I know one friend near me who is avoiding leaving her house as much as possible.
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