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  1. @KaliR , it looked like a mix of covering up, not wanting to spook the local population too much, and carefully timing announcements based on what other countries were saying and doing.
  2. Boomer


    Yeah, if it's a group of 2 or more, Zoom kicks everyone out in 40 minutes. You get a 10-minute warning, at least. I know that there's a Pro service for a monthly fee, but I don't use it enough to pay for uninterrupted time.
  3. I'm taking my time with this. On the 4th of the 7 original episodes (an 8th got added recently). It keeps getting weirder and sadder.
  4. My subtitle confession: I like leaving on subtitles, even on English-language shows! There are many times when I can't catch what someone is saying (too mumbly, too fast, too soft-spoken).
  5. Is there a celebrity who you think has gotten more — or noticeably less — interesting while sheltering in place? I liked John Mayer’s response to last month’s cringe “Imagine” video, and I never was a fan of his songs.
  6. I noticed that right after the postponement announcement, Japan's government and/or media got a lot more transparent about the C19 spread within the country.
  7. Another vote for Knives Out. It's not laugh-out-loud funny (not to me, anyway) but more of a steadily amusing mystery. The cast is cool, too.
  8. For a few days after the announcement, a lot of people were covering up. Not so much anymore. Maybe we're getting lazy or feeling invincible?
  9. Have you seen this yet? I just started the second episode. Not sure if it's a binge watch for me, but for sure it's not a boring story! Pretty crazy.
  10. Silicon Valley was hilarious. I was bummed when I got to the end! Now, I'm slowly binge watching Violet Evergarden (Netflix anime) and The Sopranos.
  11. At least in my town, shoppers seem calmer. Shelves look better now, food-wise. Eggs have disappeared, though, and there used to be too many of them before! Easter rush, maybe?
  12. Ah. I can see your spoiler now, and I know what you mean! I'm bummed out about their storylines. The character I'm super curious about right now is Kim Wexler.
  13. You're welcome! I loved it and Toy Story 3, just slightly less than the others. How about you? Another great one is The Iron Giant.
  14. I'm also thinking postponement, maybe even waiting until 2021. Various national groups are asking for delays. I wouldn't be surprised if the games got cancelled, very unfortunately.
  15. I was looking at pics of people's work from home set-ups. A few of them used their Costco TP mega-packs as their desks. That made me rage a little inside.
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