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  1. Did you watch UFC's Fight Night? I fully expected Irene Aldana to win with a KO since she's been on a winning streak and packs such powerful punches to the face, but Holm was on fire and never gave her a good opening. It was like the old Holm is back. What did you guys think of the match? Did any of the others stand out to you?
  2. I've been wrestling for ages, so I can think of a fair few. One of the worst was when Rey Mysterio lost his mask in the WCW. He was allowed to put it back on because the committee essentially decided that entertainment wrestling wasn't real wrestling. That was something else. So was the angle on the WWE where Shane hit his father. It was so uncomfortable to watch because Shane didn't seem into it at all. I was shocked to learn that Vince wanted Shane to hit his mother later on, which Shane wisely declined. I'm glad the whole incest thing never played out that was supposedly being pushed at one point.
  3. His entire family typically refuses to wear masks. I just hope that he and his wife don't pass it to their young son. Can you imagine how awful that would be? I take it you're a Trump fan? I don't think his illness will make a difference. You guys seem incredibly divided (we Brits are too) and opinions are unlikely to change. Trump refused to say anything bad about white supremacy and that didn't sway conservatives. I think he's right that he could shoot someone in public and get away with it - or whatever it was he said along those lines.
  4. Both of the new gaming consoles are finally available for pre-order. Are either of the new consoles worth throwing some money at in your opinion? I think the Xbox has some impressive specs, but I've waited for ages to pick up the new PlayStation and have pre-ordered that one. It's the exclusive games that drew me in.
  5. Haberdasher. It sounds wicked, but it's just a person who sells sewing goods like buttons, thread, and such. Not at all exciting, but the word still tickles me.

    This is a term used to describe a runner who is really, really fast. "He ran the 100m in 11 seconds? Kid hauls the mail, for sure"

    I like that one, mate. I'll have to use it sometime.

  6. Ben Folds Five. Ben Folds writes most of their music, but there have been some group collaborations and all three obtained songwriting credit for those. All three guys sing.

    Why do great bands break up after a while?

    Their egos get too big.

  7. Have you discovered any great bands or music tracks through gaming? Some games have brilliant soundtracks. Red Dead Redemption led me to the song, Far Away. The Borderlands led me to The Heavy, which is a fantastic rock band. Tony Hawk's games always had great soundtracks back in the day. I found Primus and The Dead Kennedys through one of those games.
  8. I'm no writer, but maybe you'd find it easier to dictate your novel into a recorder and pay someone else to do the typing. Some people find that faster. Or you could get voice recognition software that essentially performs the same task.
  9. Do you count duos in the mix? If so, I think The Pet Shop Boys qualify. Wait, does it have to be the lead vocals or do backing vocals also count? If backing vocals count too, then The Who qualifies. I would add Guns N' Roses, but while I know that Slash can sing, he doesn't like to, and I don't recall him singing on an album.
  10. I haven't been following the WWE as closely as I used to, so I'm out of the loop. I read that there was an outbreak of the coronavirus with multiple staff members testing positive for it. How is everyone doing now? I tried finding the info on the usual blogs, but some of the headlines are misleading. I've seen more than one that mentioned how The Rock and his family all tested positive for the virus. It took quite a bit of searching to find that he didn't get infected while working for the WWE, which matters since the WWE insisted it was "essential". He's also completely healed as is his family and that bit wasn't included in many of the blogs either. So, is the outbreak over for the WWE? Is everyone okay?
  11. I haven't been watching WWE much for close to a year now, so I'm out of the loop. Did Lesnar sign a new contract with the WWE? Maybe the possibility of his return to the UFC is being floated around as a tool to secure a more favorable contract during negotiations. I know that Lesnar has done something like that in the past. But yeah, I'd like to see those two face each other in the octagon.
  12. CTR: Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled has been my go-to game when my nephews and nieces want to play games on Switch. I don't think it's going to receive any more updates, so I guess I'll need to buy the new version when it comes out. I don't play it when they aren't around, but I have to admit that it doesn't bore me to tears and I even catch myself having fun with it.
  13. That's interesting. I saw that Mauro Ranallo left and was surprised because I thought he was a popular commentator with fans. I've only watched a few of the WWE's events this past year and have focused on AEW and ROH instead. There's not enough time to keep up with them all and the WWE was the easiest to let go. I doubt any of the WWE's brands can win the Wednesday Night Wars unless they make some serious changes. That's going to be tough because Vince seems to abhor change.
  14. I found some free games at cardgames.io that don't require heavy resources and are quick to play. It's my new go-to place when I'm taking a quick mental break at work. They aren't splashy games, but they do the trick.
  15. Oh, that's a good question! I don't know the answer sadly. Remember how they continued the event with Owen's blood still on the mat? Jeez! I bet the prices went down initially because it was traumatic, then went back up due to inflation and the need to cover increased insurance fees. The WWE paid the family $18 million and the company that made the harness settled with the WWE for $9 million, so the WWE would've been out $9 million in total before they were reimbursed by their own insurance.
  16. I can't say that I've been on one, but I think Indian's are supposed to be pretty fast and sporty. They're often used by competitive riders. I'm not sure what you're looking for, but they sound like a fun bike.
  17. I'm a bloke, but my mum has strong opinions on this one and she's having a nosey at my screen. Mum thinks it hurts the lasses that they aren't welcome to wrestle in some countries. Dubai was WWE's big cash cow. Sometimes the women couldn't participate.
  18. To me, it seems like Elon Musk does a lot of crazy stuff for publicity that sounds technologically cool and advanced, but isn't at all useful or applicable to the real world.
  19. I met him once at a fan event. He signed his photo for me. He was incredibly kind to everyone, he joked the whole time, and he didn't try to rush us through. It was sad to see him go, especially knowing it was through suicide. I think it touched a lot of people and made depression seem more real. I know I'll never forget him. His characters have brought me a lot of joy over the years.
  20. My older brothers were massive fans and since we shared a room growing up, I know quite a bit about the band. That's definitely Fletch that you're seeing. I watched the video and I get what you mean, @ShadowEdge I think he looks like Conan O'Brien rather than Carson Kressley in that video though. Fletch has had blonde hair, red hair, and brown hair over the years. He's their bass player. You're probably looking at old videos of the band. The lead singer, Dave Gahan, didn't start using heroin until the 90s, I think. He readily admits to abusing heroin in the past. I believe he claims to be drug-free now.
  21. I've taken sporting events for granted. I rarely made the effort to buy a ticket and attend in person. Now that it's not an option, all I want to do is head to the stadium for a live game. I'll be making more of an effort in the future. Do you think you'll go more often when live sports kick up again?
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