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  1. Revenge can be involved in a film or series without it actually being a theme. Many films and shows have revenge involved but it'd be a stretch to say that revenge is the theme. For instance many children's films/shows have the antagonist fueled by a desire for revenge but that's not what the protagonist is all about. They're usually acting out of self-defense. Taking down a bad guy in a typical good versus evil setup isn't really revenge, know what I mean?
  2. IdesOfMarch

    Your Life Movie

    1. Which actor/actress would you want to play you? Your best friend? Your love interest? Your number one enemy? 2. What would be the theme song? 3. Who would you want to direct it? 4. What genre would it be? 1. Me: Emma Stone. Best friend: Chris Colfer. Love interest: Chris Hemsworth. Enemy: Jennifer Lawrence. 2. "Happy" by Pharrell Williams, because it's forever stuck in my head. 3. Fred Savage 4. Rom-Com, because I'd want to end up with Chris Hemsworth, obviously. Or maybe something like Pretty in Pink.
  3. All of you gave great answers. I'm not really a fan of the Careers expansion pack, only because I got bored with it too quickly. I didn't get as bored with the others. I wonder if they're planning on any more expansion packs for this version or if they're actually working on The Sims 5.
  4. No problem, @ShadowEdge. I hadn't thought of it either until a friend of mine told me about how those sites can be just another way for people to use your data. It's turned me off. He told me that one of them is actually a Chinese database that could use your information for genetic warfare. I don't know how plausible that claim is though. That might be too far in the conspiracy theory realm.
  5. Have any of you ever tried an alternative sleep cycle? If you don't know what I'm talking about you can find information here. Pretty much all of the alternative cycles would require you to be able to nap during your lunchtime or to work from home. I can't imagine any of these are as healthy as monophasic sleep, but I can't help but be tempted by the idea of having more time in the day. Does anyone else find this idea tempting? Are any of them feasible with your schedule? What would you do with your extra time?
  6. If you do end up deciding to do one of these tests - especially 23andMe - please make sure to read all of the fine print about how your data might be used. There have been steps taken to ensure privacy but there still isn't a solid guarantee. I know I sound paranoid but this is unfortunately the kind of world we're living in and the future looks pretty anti-privacy.
  7. @Zack T, I'll always defend Ned Stark. He was a bit absent but I think a pretty decent father overall, especially in comparison to other parents on the show. @Ogmore, there are quite a few to choose from on Game of Thrones. Cersei might be the worst. Tywin was pretty awful too. George and Lucille Blooth from Arrested Development are absolutely toxic parents. It doesn't seem quite on the same level as others that have been mentioned because it's a comedy, but they're just bloody terrible parents. The whole show is pretty much about that.
  8. @Meerkat, The Purge is an exception, in my opinion. The violence takes the forefront because it's a satire about how violence is such a big part of the American culture. I think satire is what made that series so successful. I don't mind violence in films as long as it's part of the narrative. If it serves a purpose then I'm all for it. Just look at Dunkirk. It's a film with very minimal character narrative. It's the narrative of the Battle of Dunkirk. The violence is essential in order for you to try and really understand what it must have been like for those men. "Not entertaining if there is no violence" implies that violence is always meant to entertain. I don't think that's true. Sometimes it's to deliver a powerful message. Violence isn't always glorified. Of course there are genres that tend to glorify it more than others but I think it's unfair to assume that all violence is meant to entertain you.
  9. Wedding Crashers. Now I want to watch it again. If you were in a magical world, would you rather be in the Harry Potter universe or the Lord of the Rings universe?
  10. I don't watch soaps. I've got a few episodes of different shows here and there, but they're just not my cup of tea. That being said I can see how people could get addicted to them. If you watch a show for long enough you're going to get attached to it, especially when you're so familiar with the characters. I'm sure if, for some reason, I forced myself to watch a soap for an extended period of time, I'd probably keep watching it.
  11. Another thread mentioned The Sims and it got me thinking about how expansive that game is. Which The Sims 1-4 is your favourite? Which expansion pack(s) is your all-time favourite? Personally I'm a fan of the first two games. I think they had some of the best expansion packs. I really loved Makin' Magic for the 1st one, but the University expansion pack for The Sims 2 is probably my favourite expansion pack ever.
  12. @Evelyn, I used to love word games but I only ever played the social ones. My friends eventually got tired of playing with me and then I was left all alone. Those suggestions are awesome because it looks like I can play those solo. @Glimm, the problem with the mobile Scrabble games is that you never know if someone is cheating or not. (My friends are shifty and terrible losers.) I'm always down for a good puzzle. I'll have to give that one a look. Cheers!
  13. What incentive does a network have to limit a show to a certain amount of seasons? If a show is popular and has a strong following, they're going to milk that for as long as they can. I understand where you're coming from, I just can't see that ever happening. I think @Zack T had a more realistic suggestion.
  14. Those were the days, @Mr.Windham29. Now we have to pay for that sort of thing. While I understand the allure for them - more money, getting to take their time on "extra" content, etc. - I hate that I never really know how much a video game is going to end up costing me. It makes it challenging to budget...at least when you're like me and have very little self-control once you start playing.
  15. ^ I thought the same thing, @Maya. James Bond is one of my favourite old school games though. Goldeneye is still one of my favourite games to play. I don't know if that really counts as old school. So let's see...my favourite arcade game would probably be Frogger.
  16. I'd never seen the trailer, @Maya, but that looks like they're trying to do some kind of mashup of PLL and Riverdale. I'd rather just watch Riverdale. You're right about it looking like they're relying very heavily on Mona and Ali. I sort of feel bad for them. They were easily the best actresses on that show. They deserve better than this. The "Up Next" video for me was "Top 10 Pretty Little Liars Plot Holes You Didn't Notice." I had to watch it. Videos like that are hilarious. Anyone who watched that show knows those plot holes. For example, the first is, "Wait, where did Cece get the money?" .
  17. A lot of big Hollywood romantic comedy films don't offer a close look at a different culture, at least not outside of historical or "vacation" type films (generally speaking, of course). Throw in good-looking people, ridiculously wealthy lifestyles, and well, it sounds like a film that would do well in Hollywood to me. I haven't read too much about it myself so I could be wrong. I don't particularly see anything that justifies the hype, but I'm sure I'll end up seeing it eventually.
  18. This is exactly why I won't be watching The Perfectionists. Marlene King and I don't have the best relationship after seasons 6B and 7. I don't think I could go through all of her nonsense again. Honestly I think I'll be shocked if this gets picked up for more than 2 seasons.
  19. @HighlyLogical, honestly it probably just means that you don't follow Selena Gomez. She's the only reason a lot of people know about this show. Well that or they've read the book. Have you watched any of it yet?
  20. I know you've been where I am right now. For the life of me I cannot get a song out of my head. The worst part? It's not even a song I like! I had to babysit my nephew and he's all about Barney. Yeah...I've got the Barney theme song stuck in my head and it won't leave. I was even humming it while I was at the store earlier. (I got some looks.) What's the most embarrassing song you've had stuck in your head? Are there any songs that, without fail, will get stuck in your head for a long time if you listen to it? For example if I hear "Happy" by Pharrell Williams I know that it's going to be stuck in my head for at least a week.
  21. What are some of your favourite (free) Android games? Right now, I'm playing a lot of Hogwarts Mystery and Magic Kingdoms (I'm a little bit embarrassed about that last one, but I'm a sucker for anything Disney).
  22. I have some really great, witty friends but they've stopped showcasing it on social media. Everything is a regurgitation of something someone else has said. When I'm going through my newsfeed, I feel like I'm viewing everyone's browser history rather than hearing what's going on in their lives (or their own heads).
  23. I love seeing how intense some fans are when it comes to the sports they love. What sport, team, club, etc., do you think has the most intense and devoted fans?
  24. It's beyond reason, that's for sure. Honestly when I was watching it I kept thinking, "If Taylor Swift were ever in this scenario this is exactly what she would do. 'Look What You Made Me Do'." Deserves is a strong word. Bruce deserved to have his tape released to the media. In her "all offenses are equal" mindset she also gave them all the same punishment. It doesn't make sense. I also think she was out of line with Jessica. She had no right to broadcast that story to everyone. Why couldn't she address these things privately with people?
  25. I'm with @FlyyGurl. I like makeup as much as the next person. I put it on for me sometimes, but with strings attached. I want to feel more confident and what's making me feel more confident? Thinking that the opposite sex will find me more attractive. I certainly don't wear makeup when there's no one else around unless I'm just playing. It doesn't stay on though. I use it to enhance features, not try to change what I look like. I don't want to be deceptive or anything, just get a boost of confidence.
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