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  1. Not on your life. Politicians get to their positions, typically, by going to law school so that's probably why you heard what you did. The way the political machine in America moves these days.....no. I have way too much moral character.
  2. I was in the store the other day, and all I noticed was a 70" screen for $698 U.S.D. That seems insanely cheap and I didn't even notice the 4, 5, or 8 k capabilities. I couldn't take my eyes off the price tag and wondering if I had a wall large enough to place it on. LOL
  3. Since other great minds outside the realm of NASA and the U.S. are getting involved, I think things will move fairly quickly. It's still over 60 million miles away though, so one thing they should focus on is how to get there quicker then they can now.
  4. I'm a hold out for the real thing, so no on the animation for a show like this. Just because something is humorous doesn't mean you should automatically want to animate it.
  5. At first, that's sounds counter-intuitive. How can a person have more experience in gaming when they have it easy? Then you think about how much quicker they can advance because of the ease of the games and it starts to make more sense.
  6. Did you hear about this village in Wales that lost their broadband connect at 7am every morning? It took 18 months to figure out what was going on. https://www.9news.com.au/world/old-television-set-breaks-village-broadband-service/6fd99417-64f7-4732-8cc3-920c7944d3ea It's kind of funny actually.
  7. Women get paid less in this business because their take is less. Not as many people watch the women than they do the men. I would like to know who the highest paid woman wrestler is though.
  8. Call me boring, but I bought a book recently on impulse. I typically think things out before I do or buy anything, so even that was a stretch for me.
  9. Does anyone here know more about this? It was a mass murder of a family in Essex back in 1985. H.B.O. Max is doing a movie about it, but when it comes to subject matters like this, I want the facts.
  10. Ruth Bater Ginsberg passed away earlier today, and it really is a great loss for America. Smart and strong, she was a great addition to the Supreme Court, and I can only hope that Trump picks a replacement worthy of filling her shoes.
  11. You're devious S.E. LOL I think I like you. :) I try to keep my social media account filled with relevant people to my occupation and my posts the same. So I guess you could say I'm one of those people who do use it mainly for work.
  12. So.........if I have Siri in my home then bring Alexa over, will Siri get jealous? LOL. Haven't there been movies about this sort of thing?
  13. This is a term used to describe a runner who is really, really fast. "He ran the 100m in 11 seconds? Kid hauls the mail, for sure" What are some terms you know that you get a kick out of?
  14. This observation is more about the U.S. N.F.L., but it can be applied to anything else really. The N.F.L. over here is taking a big ratings hit because they still, to this day, feel that interjecting social statements into their games is a good idea. It's not. Fans over here, and I'm one of them, are tired of seeing this. Couple this with the fact that only a fraction of fans are allowed in a stadium at one time, and you get a pro game that looks and feels like something out of the minor's. I have a suggestion. You wanna make a social statement that will gain the interest back in fans and not hurt the integrity of the sport? Allow more females to play in traditionally male populated sports. Like football. Kickers for example would be a great fit. Officials as well. What do you think? More women?
  15. Remember all the fuss that was made when it was found out that a serial rapist/killer was on The Dating Game? The female that actually picked him backed out at the last minute. Bad vibes, she said. And yeah, it's kinda cool seeing the hair and clothing styles from back then.
  16. Rap "music". I just don't get it. Some of the lyrics can be really good, but without music how good can a song be?
  17. Sarah sounds great. Make sure she has a source of water to be around. I don't know why, but I have always associated the word Sarah with bodies of water.
  18. Welcome to the club. Most of them lean into a political wind leaving medical advice in the dust. Like you said, it makes zero sense
  19. Robin Williams was trending recently because of the anniversary of his death. Six years and interest in him has not waned. I think he is the perfect example of someone we should never forget, and think this should happen every year. Agree? Disagree?
  20. You sound busy, Scatman. It's Friday, my list making for the week is done. This is my wind down day getting ready for the weekend. I usually "hibernate" on the weekends. So my list........... Wash pajamas put on pajamas .................that's about all I got. LOL
  21. Lucky for her, right? I'm thinking community service is what will happen if it hasn't already. I don't really see how jail time for this is beneficial to anyone.
  22. it actually isn't that bad these days. I talk to two of them sporadically, the oldest brother and i were never that close and I talk to mom at least once a week. It's all good.
  23. We have been having a lot of nature fires out where I'm at. More than normal for this time of year. The breeze is picking up, it's 70 degrees and sunny. Can't complain.
  24. Barely, but yes. Why take the chance, right? So will a muzzle, but since its not a dog........ Good call. LOL Babies are brand new to this bodily function things, so they do stinky things and loud things. Leave a diaper on overnight and they get rashes or worse. It isn't life threatening, but it's a baby. Does it need to be a life threatening situation to do something for a baby? I mean no disrepect ma'am, but please remain a non-parent for the time being. The future babies of the world thank you.
  25. I think everyone just needs to put everything off until a vaccine gets here. I understand the money aspect of all this, but most everyone involved here are multi-millionaires. The don't NEED to play a game right now. I think it's very irresponsible.
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