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  1. Yeah face HBK has been stale for years and years......
  2. I never claimed any of those guys did mat wrestling as well as Benoit did I? Oh wait, you're, once again, putting words in my mouth, further showing your stupidity.
  3. From your incesant bitching about the WWE, yes it looks as if you are. There is a difference between saying "That show was crap" and "everything they do is crap" and the sum of a lot of peoples statements says the latter. Not because there is anything wrong with it every time, but because everyone else thinks that way as well.
  4. What about the supposed amazing mat wrestling skills of the X-Division superstars? All I hear is guys like Styles and Daniels can go like Benoit and Angle. How many Benoit/Angle caliber matches has TNA had? ZERO. So either their moves are restricted, or I've been lied to.
  5. You're a hypocrite because I get banned for flaming your sorry ass, yet you can flame me all you want. Its hypocritical, just like some of the other mods on here. You can criticize the WWE all you want, but dont do it to be some trendy smark, which why most people do it now a days. Hell yes the WWE put out garbage sometimes, but all people like you do is incesantly whine unless it goes your way.
  6. Oh, so I have to watch that ****ing garbage every week to tell its crap? I catch it when I can. The last IMPACT I saw was Raven in the 3 on 1 match. The one before that, I saw that crap excuse for a promo with the "3D Funeral" which has been done to death in every other fed, yet when TNA does it, its "innovative" and "cool". I've also downloaded a few PPV matches including the Cluster**** that was the last Ultimate X match. Dont tell me I dont watch it. I dont watch it everytime its on, but I watch enough. Thirteen- There is a ban on moves in TNA too, why dont you jump on their case......
  7. No, but you are most definatley on the "WWE sucks" bandwagon because all I see you do is complain, that and be a hypocrite.
  8. yea, I know, I dont suck on TNA's **** like everyone else so I guess my opinions arent valid....:roll
  9. Wait, Im sorry, I was thinking of the SS match. Their Unforgiven match was EONS better than that piece of crap. Masters vs. HBK was a great carry job by HBK and Masters working hard to pull his weight. Carlito vs. Flair was good and Flair was on fire the whole night in this promos and of course the cage match was great. The WWE havent had a "top to bottom" garbage card ever as there is always a match or 2 to keep people intersted. Anyone who doesnt agree is just on the "Hate the WWE/Love TNA bandwagon"
  10. Match of the year: Toss up between HHH/Flair at the SS and HBK/Angle 2 feud of the year: Taker/Orton face of the year: Eddie Guerrero heel of the year: Christian best gimmick this year: JBL best pay per view: Summerslam best promotion this year: WWE Smackdown
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