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  1. I have "friends" who have the same professional interests. Only about 35 or so, but I follow many more. If I make to a hundred I'll probably stop with that.
  2. I think she will, but in a semi-retired kind of way. She has too many things on her plate to juggle. I love watching her, so The Champions match will be something I'll catch. I'm pretty sure she'll do that one.
  3. We all know this is scripted entertainment, but have you ever watched a match that was so badly scripted that you had to cringe? As in "What were they thinking?"
  4. You can take the tech. out of women but you can't take the women out of tech. If all this is true though, maybe it says more about how weak men are, more so than how good technology is.
  5. Breaking Bad was the best thing I've watched since The X Files. I know they're two very different genre's, but the writing on both was fantastic.
  6. Yeah, that is very much needed in today's sports world. She made a fan out of me. When someone of her caliber is that humble, that's a breath of fresh air.
  7. TynBox

    The Kardashians

    I've heard of it but that's about it. I'm not a snooty person by any means but that always came across as low-brow entertainment. It's even news to me that it ended.
  8. The Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Oilers are playing as I'm typing this. It is tied about halfway through the game with the stadium they are in at about 22% capacity..........by design. Have to space people out, but if feels good to have professional sports going again. No predictions though, I'm just glad they're going.
  9. I don't think predictions will work too well this season. The Covid isn't entirely gone, so we don't know who will get sick and have to sit out.
  10. I don't know about controlling them, but writing them out helps you remember them. There have been studies conducted on this, but I don't know the importance of it all.
  11. Yep, updated some of my skills as well. My personal life has quieted down leaving more room for me finally. All things considered, it's been a good year thus far.
  12. What would you say is the biggest difference is between the election processes in England and America? I would just like to see how different countries do the same thing differently.
  13. I read somewhere that the maturity level of parents are passed onto their children from birth. If that's the case, I would say 42 isn't too old at least from that standpoint.
  14. TynBox

    Only... movie

    If I see only one review saying a movie is bad I wont pay attention to that. But if everyone says it stinks, everybody can't be wrong. That's my logic.
  15. They say we all have a twin out there, so maybe Fletch is Carson's twin. Or vice versa. Not many musicians cross over into T.V. territory.
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