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  1. I don't snoop onto other people's phone, but I do glance at somebody's phone when they are playing a game or watching a clip. It is not my habit to do that. I only do it when the eye catches the moving images on the phone.
  2. The only time I enjoyed watching a 3D film was the 3D show at Disneyland. It was actually a 4D experience because I smelled the cinnamon scent and had water sprinkled at me at the right moment the film show something related to the cinnamon smell and the water splash.
  3. Remote viewing is not a technology or a thing. It is the psychic ability of a person to see things that are very far from that person. It is like looking at a CCTV without a camera and using only the brain power to capture the images.
  4. While I was scanning my social media account, I landed on a documentary about remote viewing. It was about people who can see things that are far away from them. The documentary stated that the CIA had this kind of research to counter the Soviet's research about psychics. What do you think about it?
  5. The problem with changing the past is that it will create a different problem in the future that you may not want to have in the first place. Staying with the topic, I have to change the way I acted when I was a teenager because I was very timid in those days that I missed the fun things done by teenagers.
  6. He was a brawler that I can give him. I like to see more of his fights because his moves looked amusing to watch. I wouldn't call him the worst fighter because I've seen a worse fighter than him.
  7. It is a dramatization, but I'm not entirely sold with the story because it seems like the whole event was based on the physicist's accounts. I like the way how the story was presented.
  8. You may be right about it as she might not want to be in the middle of the family issues. I kept quiet when she made that comment and shared that disappointment here instead.
  9. Thank you both for giving me an idea on how to give my respects to those veterans who were part of that terrible war. I will try to visit some friends of mine who have war vets in their families and give them a little token of my appreciation for their contribution to win the war.
  10. I watched the whole series of Band of Brothers in commemoration of the sacrifice of those young men who fought in Normandy for the liberty that we are enjoying right now. I will watch Saving Private Ryan with my family this weekend to remember those who have given their lives on D-Day.
  11. You can look at the OP that way as well. I'm thinking more of when Galileo proposed that the Earth was spherical instead of flat. The supposed educated people in his time laughed at him and dismissed his theory. I guess the opposite is happening right now with the flat earth society. I'm just saying because I don't conform with those guys.
  12. I won't say the details as it is a family matter. One of my relatives has been saying this and that about me that were not true. I told my aunt about it because I think she could be a good arbiter. Then I got that comment from her without even finishing what I need to say.
  13. I heard over and over again that myths and legends were based on factual events that were told several times to become fictional stories. This principle might be true with scientific evidence and open-mindedness.
  14. I've seen the whole series, and it is really great. I was already expecting that the Kremlin will create its own Chernobyl version because the HBO version showed a very weak Soviet government.
  15. Exactly! I would appreciate it much better if they remain quiet instead of giving out such comments. I try to ignore those kinds of comments and try to accept that people are indifferent sometimes.
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