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  1. There are still several movies being created that have the 3D option. However, I think this type of movie entertainment is fading fast. I prefer watching a film in HD as there is no hassle of wearing 3D glasses.
  2. You may even end up dead sooner because of unpredicted events in a different timeline. I still would like to change for the past if I have the ability to do it to make my life better. I may have to change the way I spend money because I spent too much on things I don't really need.
  3. You are correct, Zack. The free-to-play slogan is just that, a slogan. Game developers create games to profit from it, and not just to make the world a more enjoyable place to live in.
  4. On the contrary, game developers and studios are going into free-to-play games that will have in-game purchases. Of course, there are still gamers who would prefer buying their favorite game. What I'm saying is that many of the genres can now have a free-to-play game.
  5. I think a TV production capitalized on the pirate theme by making Black Sails. It wasn't bad, I suppose, but it wasn't great as well. I watched that TV show, but it didn't capture the charm of Captain Jack Sparrow.
  6. I honestly did not know that there is a new trilogy of Star Wars. It is not a surprise though, because the Jedi story is very rich and they can create endless stories about it.
  7. Star Wars could be the longest movie series of all time. I recently saw the trailer of "The Rise of the Skywalker". It took 43 years and 9 movies to finish this story about the Jedis.
  8. Do we really need to buy games nowadays wherein there are a lot of free games that can be played through mobile and browser games? I'm scanning my phone with so many free games, and more free games are being developed that I can't play all of them.
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