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  1. I can say that I'm an Avenger fan. What do you think about the future of this big movie franchise? Will there be new Avenger superheroes in the future, or will there be a new group of superheroes? I hope the Avenger story will continue with the daughter of Iron Man taking up the responsibility as the new Iron Woman.
  2. Time will tell whether Spider-Man will remain a thing in the theaters. In my opinion, Sony will eventually sell the rights to Disney once the executives find it hard to maintain this character in the movies. If Sony is after the money, then Disney should just offer a good amount of money for Sony to release the spider from their web, so to speak.
  3. I think these two things are becoming more popular because people wanted to become healthier. There are many people who have become vegans or vegetarians. The tea is somewhat like a lesser evil to soda, but I think it still contains caffeine.
  4. That makes two of us. I can still recall the old bulky CRT monitor. I was very happy when my father bought our first PC, but I was forbidden to play with it because it was for his work. I wish I was also younger because the PC setup these days are far better 20 years ago, but not that expensive.
  5. My brother was watching a video about the Starcraft 1 tournament. He told me that the 1st prize winner got about $75,000. I was awestruck when he told me that. I played that game when I was younger and how I wish I mastered that game.
  6. There are times when I like to watch a film with subtitles, especially when there are scenes that characters speak a different language. I still prefer watching a film or a documentary that doesn't have a subtitle, so I can focus on what's happening instead of reading the subtitle.
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