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  1. I often have dreams when I am asleep, but the best dreams that I have are my daydreams. Particularly when I am at work I start to daydream about a better life that I could have. The dreams usually revolve around having a better job than the one I have at the moment, which is working in a supermarket. I think for 2019 I am going to have to try to make my dreams a reality. I am going to start studying, and try to get a better job than the one I have at the moment, otherwise I am just going to daydream my life away.
  2. I try to go running in the morning before work, because when I get back from work I am too tired to do anything except watch telly and eat. But then in the mornings I am sometimes so tired that I just want to drink coffee. The best day for running, I think, is my day off, then I don't have to think about other things that I need to be doing. On my day off, I run in the morning, come back and have a big breakfast, then I shower, then I have a leisurely day.
  3. I think in another life I would like to be born to a relatively well-off family, living in one of the beautiful houses in York - perhaps close to the city centre, and within the city walls. I would have a really good job, and I would drive a Mercedes. I would take my holidays in the South of France, and I would go skiing in Chamonix in the winter. I would often eat out, and sometimes go to pretty wine bars. I would have a lovely boyfriend, and we would go travelling together, to places like Venice and Dubrovnik. Oh, but this is just a dream - in my real life I do not have such a good job, and I currently have no boyfriend. Oh well, it's nice to dream sometimes.
  4. I quite enjoy pub quizzes. I never seem to be on the winning team, but I like the fact that the pubs generally put on free food as well, so it tends to be a cheap night out. At our local they do free chips and sandwiches - tasty and filling. It's sometimes a bit tortuous though, checking that people are not cheating by looking everything up on their phones. There is one team that plays at our local, and they do seem to win rather a lot. Do you think the arrival of smartphones has spelled the end of pub quizzes? If you go to a pub quiz, what does the pub do to ensure no cheating? At ours they just tell us to put our phones away, and you are disqualified if you are found to be looking anything up.
  5. I notice in the shops you can get a type of sweet called Pez - they come in all different flavours, and you can buy dispensers for them, where a Pez pops out of the mouth of a character. Actually, I'm not sure whether that's good taste or bad taste! Anyhow, I was in the supermarket with Dad and he was really surprised to see them - he said he used to eat them in the seventies, and thought they were no longer available. So is this a retro sweet that has made a comeback?
  6. Yes, the latest report on the retro pub in York is that they are hoping to get an Asteroids machine. I am not quite sure what Asteroids is, but I gather that it was some really big arcade game in the seventies or the eighties. Going to this pub makes me rather wish that I had not given up drinking, as they have some really good ales - I think it all rather goes with the really olde worlde effect, which York is so good at.
  7. I used to have a friend who was exactly like this - trying to get to see her was like trying to get an appointment to see the Queen. In the end I gave up, and my life is a lot happier as a result. As for New Year, I will probably go to a pub with friends, and then we will go on to a party. One of the friends is going to have a party at her house, we just haven't decided which friend it is yet!
  8. Interesting that someone should mention old games from the seventies - I went to a retro-style pub in York the other week and they had an old Space Invaders arcade game. I had never played it before - and it was free to play! I had heard so much about this game, because apparently it was really big in the seventies. The game was fun once you got into it, and I did rather like the sound effects. I'll definitely be going to this pub again, with my friends who are into vintage, and they said they are hoping to get a few more retro items in.
  9. I have only done a bit of climbing wall climbing when I was in London. I would love to have a go at climbing Malham Cove - I have hiked up the valley, but never thought of climbing the Cove until you mentioned it. It is so beautiful around Malham. I am not very experienced at climbing, so I think it would take a lot more practice before I was ready to tackle something like the Cove.
  10. If we are talking about lovely snacks and treats, some of which may, or may not, be discontinued, can I mention chilli chocolate? One of my friends brought me some back from Germany once - a lovely dark chocolate, flavoured with chilli. It was quite most delicious thing I have ever tasted. I also rather like rose creams and violet creams. I think you can still buy those from some of the high street posh chocolate shops.
  11. So what's happening now? The deal that May managed to get with the EU never did go to a vote, and it looks like everyone in Parliament is hopping mad about it. So now May is facing a no-confidence vote within her own party. It seems that when Theresa May met with Angela Merkel she was told that there could be no alteration to the deal. So now it looks like there are just three potential choices: May's deal, no deal, Remain. Plus we don't even know if there will end up being a leadership election within the Conservative Party.
  12. I am really looking forward to the new two part animation of Watership Down this Christmas! I read the book as a teenager, and I saw the film on DVD as well. This epic tale of rabbits almost sounds like a children's story - but it's definitely not childish at all! It shows the intrepid rabbits running away from mixamatosis - introduced into their warren to kill them off - and making a lengthy journey to Watership Down to set up a new warren and build a life for themselves. This isn't straightforward, and they end up having to fight another group of rabbits who are rather aggressive. I really enjoyed the book and the film, so I can't wait to see this new version for telly.
  13. Wow - I've just seen it and it's really good! Also, it really says a lot about parents encouraging their children to do things. You can't really be a good piano player in adult life, unless your parents encouraged to learn as a child. Elton John was quite something for my Mum's generation,, and also he was the Pin Ball Wizard in that Who film Tommy. I just watched that on YouTube too, and he was great. I really like looking round John Lewis. I also like M&S for food and clothes.
  14. I really enjoyed the latest one - and I liked the creature who had made it his task to completely rewrite the laws of the universe. I was sorry that this was the last one of the series - I can't believe it has come to an end already. It's not really the end though, as we have the New Year one to look forward to - that should be really good. Then I wonder how long we will have to wait after that for the actual new series to start. Jodie Whittaker is so good as the Doctor - I hope that she will be doing it for a long time.
  15. I am going to carry on my resolution to not drink alcohol. I will also keep running - I will keep doing the 5k Park Runs, and will look at doing a half-Marathon. I want to sign up for some courses, but I am not sure what. I am wondering about a career change. I resolve to actually find out which courses would be useful for me to do - like an Open University foundation course, or maybe a course at my local FE college. I am also wondering about some of the online courses available, such as those delivered by Coursera. Altogether I am hoping for a good 2019!
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