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  1. I would like to try out being an ancient Briton prior to the arrival of the Romans. There is so much evidence of the Romans in Britain, the roads they built, the buildings, the history, that I would like to see what Britain was actually like before they came. The wisdom used to be that the ancient Brits were some kind of barbarians, and that the Romans brought culture and civilization with them, but now the evidence is leaning towards the idea that the ancient Britons had a pretty advanced culture of their own - with long straight roads, democracy, and suchlike.
  2. I decided to treat myself to a facial at a nice spa! It was so relaxing, and at the end of it my skin looked much cleaner and clearer. I think I would definitely do something like this again. Other mad treats that I have enjoyed are: buying cheesecake to have at home with coffee; going to a favourite coffee bar for latte and date scones; buying myself a beautiful gold decorative notebook. Treats are wonderful!
  3. I think right now it's starting to look like no deal. I fear that come March, we will just end up crashing out of the EU with no deal, and the implications of that are worrying. Apparently the government are now making preparations for a no deal scenario, with about 3,500 troops prepared to be on the streets, and worries about shortages of food, medicine, and other vital supplies. Also, it is thought that there may not be enough care workers to support elderly and disabled people. Add to that the 1 million Brits living in other parts of the EU will suddenly find themselves without rights overnight. Once Christmas and New Year are out of the way, I think people are really going to start thinking about what's going to happen next.
  4. I went to a pub in the Yorkshire Dales the other week - it was like the land that time forgot. As well as some really nice real ales, they had an ancient game of Pong. Apparently it was one of the first ever video games. It was like a coffee table, and there are two opponents, who sit at opposite sides of the table. Then it's a bit like a game of tennis. A ball bounces around, and each player has a sort of slider at their end, which they have to use to stop the ball and send it back to the other side. If you miss a ball, your opponent gains a point. It was quite fun to play, if a little slow.
  5. I am totally looking forward to the New Year Special! And I am enjoying the episodes generally as well. I particularly liked the one where the conscious universe morphs into a frog. People morphing into things seems to be a staple of science fiction. I wasn't totally sure why that particular universe started to judder and fall apart though - was it because people from another universe were in it? I think that the scientific language used is great. I also think that the cast are a great line up too - especially the current Dr Who, who seems to be the best one ever.
  6. One problem with works Christmas parties is the delicate matter of flirtation. Take a group of people who work together all year, add alcohol, mistletoe, and the tradition for Christmas kisses, and, before you know it, indiscretions have occurred! The next day, when everyone has sobered up, then the gossip is rife. So I am really careful not to drink at works parties any more. I'll just stuff myself with quiche and clementines instead.
  7. Hi, Gareth, yes, I did see the petition being handed in. I think strength of feeling is building up that people don't really want to leave the EU. The newspapers are full of how chaotic things are going to be if we leave with no deal. There will be lorries backed up at the ports, such as Dover, medicines will have to be flown in, there will be food shortages. I think the best deal that we can have with the EU is the one that we currently have as a member state. Anything else is second rate.
  8. I can't even think of any discontinued food items that I miss, but I can tell you what snacks I enjoy! First of all, I am a crispaholic - I love crisps in all sorts of flavours. I would say though that my favourites are actually plain crisps. A while back I had a fad for prawn flavour crisps - the lovely sweetness! I also like kettle chips. I visited Sweden once and I love their dill flavour crisps, and the fact that they also have lots of lovely dips for crisps. Another passion is Nairn's Oatcakes - I like the plain ones, and the cheese ones are a real treat. May none of these lovely foods become extinct.
  9. It isn't so much the choice of which movie to see, but finding a movie going friend who actually wants to see the same thing! I have a friend who only wants to see children's movies, but I would rather see grown up films. I have a friend that I meet often that never wants to go to the cinema at all. My boyfriend will only go to see a film if it has an absolutely perfect review - which most films don't. I might just as well go to the cinema on my own, since it seems to be so hard for two people to actually want to see the same film.
  10. Does anyone here enjoy climbing? I just started to have a go at it at the start of this year. First of all I tried the climbing wall at Glasshoughton - that was pretty nerve wracking. And then I had a go at climbing Malham Cove - that was even more nerve wracking. Over the summer it was too hot to do anything, and I have only just got back into it - with more practice on the climbing wall again. For the future I would to go climbing in Wales - Snowdonia to be exact. I have heard that there are some really good climbs there.
  11. Do you reckon there will be a second referendum on Brexit? It's starting to look like it's going that way. May has got the deal accepted by the EU, next it will go to a parliamentary vote, and it is almost certainly going to be voted down. I'm sure that after that May, with the support of Labour, will say that there is no alternative but to take it to a People's Vote. I think that all the major political parties are working towards this, with the exception of a few diehard Brexiteers.
  12. There might be a few TOTP2's on the telly. For those that do not know, this is Top of the Pops, and I think the two comes from the fact that it is shown on BBC2 as a repeat. They might do a TOTP2 Christmas Special. If they do, they will have to edit it carefully so that a certain DJ no longer appears in shot. I also doubt that we will see any singles from a certain band. The lead singer may be in disgrace, but I sometimes think it must be a bit hard on the other band members that appeared with him.
  13. Wow, I like Vince Guaraldi too - but I have hardly ever met anyone else who likes him. As for Christmas music, I like all the British traditional Christmas hit singles: Wizzard, Slade, Mud, Wham, and the Band Aid single. However, I can do without hearing Christmas music everywhere I go. It can be particularly irksome when you are in the supermarket and they are blaring out non-stop Christmas tunes.
  14. I can see how that happens. I once had a holiday job in a glass factory. The job was sorting bottles, and it was very repetitive. Trouble was, I ended up sorting bottles in my sleep! I also find that when I have been driving for a long time, I am driving in my sleep. In both cases, it was not a particularly relaxing way to get a night's sleep.
  15. I haven't heard of New Amsterdam. Do you want to tell us a bit more about what it is about? Where is it set? I sometimes enjoy watching hospital related TV programmes. My favourite was Green Wing, which was a comedy about a hospital somewhere in the south of England. It was side-splittingly funny.
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