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  1. @Poppy I like handing out candy too, but I did that in the past when I lived in a different place (more residential) than where I live now. Where I live now, I don't see many kids doing much trick or treating. I still like to buy candy for my own personal use though, after all, it is Halloween:eyebrows:. @ShadowEdge It's been ages since I've carved a pumpkin. I buy them to use for decoration, but no carving gets done. A goody bag that includes stickers(!!), pencils(!!), that sounds fabulous. I would enjoy getting both of those things just as much as I would enjoy getting candy. As far as the spooky decorations go, I don't go full-on spooky... a few spooky bits here and there, the rest is more color-scheme, candles, and flowers. @Zack T No decorations? That's understandable. I, on the other hand will take any excuse there is to do a bit of decorating. Give me any reason to go shopping to buy some new decor with matching wine glasses and some themed-type of drinks:whistling:, and I'm all for it. @Incredible Iron You don't celebrate the holidays? I used to work with someone who told me that's how he and his family were, but unlike you they didn't celebrate birthdays. I wish I would have thought to ask him if he celebrated anniversaries, I'd be very interested in his answer.
  2. Have any of you decorated for Halloween? I have done very little, and I mean very little decorating, although I planned (and still plan) to do more. I want to get some candy dishes, and put out some 'treats ' in my house, I also want to get some Halloween themed scented candles that can do double duty as Thanksgiving candles, so maybe something with pumpkin and spice scents. I've watched a few Halloween decor house tours on YouTube to get some ideas. Have to see how things develop decoration-wise in my house as the days go on:eyebrows:. I love the holidays:celebrate2:!!
  3. I'm planning on spending my Christmas holiday at home. For me, no vacation spot can compare to being at home for the holidays. I don't mind traveling during non-holiday times, but during the holidays, travel for me is a no-no. It doesn't feel relaxing to me. When I was a young girl my family used to travel sometimes during the holidays, and it was all well and good, but nothing beat coming home. Spending Christmas in someone else's house was not terrible, it just wasn't home. Same thing with Thanksgiving. After eating a nice, big meal, I want to be able to relax and unwind at home. Going somewhere to celebrate the New Year isn't so bad, but I don't have any plans to go anywhere.:):party:
  4. I don't think we differ on this point because I agree with you that characters need to grow as the show goes on, but like you made reference to, not when the characters lose their original traits. I agree with you that the problem is when characters start having a different personality. I'm all for growth when it makes sense. In the Ross character's particular case he went from being a highly intelligent, shy man to almost a full-on bumbling idiot. It's like, really? They had him acting more like a circus clown than a paleontologist. Like I said, maybe they were trying to make him funnier, that's what it seemed like to me, but they missed the mark, in my opinion. If I married a man who was a serious, almost brooding, intellectual scientist, then more than likely that means that's the kind of man I like. He's a "type". If, after two years of marriage, he starts acting goofy, being a clown, being silly, then that marriage is not going to last because that is definitely not what I signed up for. If I buy a Coke, I want it to taste like Coke, they can grow the brand with diet Coke, and zero carb Coke, or whatever else they come out with, but by and large it still tastes like Coke, even though there has been growth. However, if I buy a coke and it tastes like lemonade, that would bug me. I love lemonade, don't get me wrong, but not when I'm craving a coke. There's a soap opera I watch, and I have several favorite characters on that show. One of my favorites used to be an intelligent, savvy businesswoman. Over the years they turned her into a kleptomaniac, and a baby thief! I could deal with those traits, even though they were far out. It was like, what happened?! But what really threw me for a loop is when they started writing her as a character who didn't know her arse from her elbow. It was so ridiculous. Thankfully the writers have recently, within the past year or so, written her character back to the woman she used to be... somewhat. She's not running around stealing babies anymore, and acts much more grounded and centered.
  5. I agree with @ShadowEdge that a show should end when it loses its direction. I think that when a group of people come together to bring a show to life, there is a certain energy there, and over time that energy can be lost. Over time they still put a lot of energy into getting the show on the air, it's just that the energy is different, so the show is different. One of my pet peeves about shows is how "extra" they become when they have been on maybe longer than they should be. The characters are extra loud, everyone is over the top. You can compare the new loud shows to the older shows, on the older shows it seems like everyone is much more subdued and calm. Another thing I dislike is how some shows change the personality of a character to the point where the character no longer even resembles who they were at the outset. The character "Ross" on "Friends" is a perfect example of this. When "Friends" first started, Ross was this shy, serious, intelligent paleontologist, but very quickly his character was turned into someone else that I, for one, didn't find particularly appealing. I guess the writers were trying to make Ross funny, but once his character changed, the show lost a lot of its appeal, in my opinion.
  6. I'm happy to hear that things are turning around for you. Debt is no fun. I figure I will need to work for about two or three years straight, seven days a week to pay off my bills. Ugh, but it could be worse. You actually sold plasma to support yourself? I've heard of people doing that, I've seen it on documentaries, but I didn't know that was really a thing. My gosh, you are a trooper... but you have to do what you have to do, right? I've done a lot of recycling cans, so there's that. I just got a new job too, ironically, actually I got it in late July, got a promotion a couple weeks ago. The money is good, but the hours are sporadic, so my schedule is non-existent which throws me off on just about everything from when to cook, to when to eat, when to clean my house, to when to take a shower... it's a beautiful job though. Your new job sounds great, twice the income?:beer:, that's so fabulous. Yes, you're right, the collector guy was being unnecessarily combative, but after reading what you wrote about it being an outside agency that probably bought the debt I can see why he was so accusatory and rude. He actually was talking to me like I owed him money. He also sounded like he was sure that the way he was talking was going to get some type of rise out of me, like he had provoked many people with his attitude. I didn't take the bait. To me, an argument, even with a stranger over the phone, is like a connection, and I'm very picky about who I connect myself with. I'm famous for pressing 'unsubscribe' when it comes to dealing with people. I would rather not speak to you than argue with you. This might sound strange, but in order for me to argue with someone, or even slightly debate, I have to almost love you. This guy over the phone wanted to argue, but I just couldn't oblige him. Thanks for your advice about not contacting them until I have the money to pay. And I'll look into trying to get that collection off of my credit report.
  7. @FlyyGurl Nothing wrong with wanting to be a Fly Girl! Yes! I love it:clap It sure did take JLo places, didn't it? Well to be fair, JLo took JLo places, but you know what I mean. Any way, do you mind if I ask you what type of dancing you like to do?
  8. I love Star Trek, and I try to watch it anytime it comes on TV, especially the original episodes. I got my name from Spock's dialog, things were always logical and illogical with him. One of my favorite characters to watch on TV. Spock thrills me to no end, not all Vulcans though, just him.
  9. Collection agent, is that what they are called? Well, whatever they are called, this guy was rude. So, awhile ago I had a credit card charge off. I meant to pay on the bill before it went to collections, but I didn't and it charged off. I'm human, I fall behind in my bills sometimes. At any rate, on Tuesday morning my phone rings. I hardly ever answer my phone, and so admittedly people find it hard to connect with me at times. So, I answer the phone, and this guy in a very rude, combative tone of voice asks me when can I make a payment. I tell him not now, but when I'm able to I'll call his company back. He goes on to ask me if I'm working, and why would I make a bill that I couldn't pay, and do I realize that the company extended me a line of credit? Then he asks me why am I reluctant to make a payment now. Then he goes on to tell me that he's been calling my number for three months, and I haven't responded. His tone of voice was really rude. It's like, I know he has a job to do, but are collection agencies supposed to be rude and try to start an argument over the phone. I mean seriously, what do you say to, "Why would you make a bill you can't pay?"
  10. @IdesOfMarch @Mendez Interesting what both of you are saying here. I hadn't even thought of these things, which is very unlike me because I have a conspiracy theory ready for any and all occasions. Puts a whole new spin on my wanting one of these tests done.
  11. It's so aggravating to me when someone asks me for my advice, I give it to them, and then they say something to the equivalent of, "No, that's not the right answer." It's like, first of all, it's called advice. Advice is not an exact science, it is a recommendation. Unlike math, there is no definitively right or wrong answer. I especially don't like when people ask for advice about the relationship that they're in... "What should I do?" I use to fall for that type of question and try to offer help, but now when one of my friends asks for any type of advice, especially relationship advice, I just tell them that I don't know.
  12. I haven't considered 23andMe. Awhile back I considered doing Ancestry.com, if my memory serves me correctly. But maybe I will give 23andMe a go because people seem to be doing these tests right and left. It's so interesting that you say this about your not wanting to find out about health concerns, because I heard someone said that same thing about 23andMe just the other day in a group conversation. The person said that some people won't do it because of health concerns, and at that time I thought to myself, "That can't be true," but I didn't say a word, I just listened. Now, here, less than a week later I read this post and you're saying you picture yourself learning something about your health that raises concerns. I didn't know that people actually felt like this. You learn something new every day.
  13. @Mendez I adore YouTube, it's one of my favorite things to watch. I love watching planner videos, and "Plan With Me" videos. They are addictive! I've recently started watching "Clean with me" videos. I also watch cooking channels , and I watch paid movies. I'll 'rent' them for a couple of days for $2.99 and up, depending on the movie. If it's something I really like, then I buy the movie and watch it anytime. So, yeah, I'm a fan:). David Dobrik? I don't think I've ever heard of him until now. I'm definitely going to check him out. House tours!!! Yes! And dorm room tours, too. Do you have any favorite channels that you watch for home tours? I watch some of everybody, there's never a shortage of viewing material, that's for sure. I like Pretty Neat Living, although she doesn't do a lot of tours. I also like House & Home, and Robeson Design (although she makes my skin crawl every time she says pronounces the word accessory as "uhhsessory" :sadtears:). Also love Martha Stewart on YouTube. Watching house tours is so addictive, those videos should come with a warning label about how they might consume large chunks of your time.
  14. Tie the hands and feet! Exactly. Or at least shoot her once in each leg, or once in one leg if you feel like shooting her in both legs is excessive. Or if there's no gun available, stab her in one of her feet or something. Ugh! Just writing about this has made my blood pressure go up a little bit... I think I'm waaaaay too into movies. As far as the will to kill, if someone is trying to kill the character and the character doesn't have the will to kill at that time, then I don't know what to say. There's not much hope for that character if they are not willing to kill in order to save their own life, my goodness! Whew, I'm getting all worked up. :lol:
  15. Yes, I remember a couple of people asking me this. One day I was over to ("over to" ... is that how you say that?) one of my mother's friend's houses, and I was there to do some cleaning. I was a little girl, and one of my passions was cleaning, so I use to help in that area any time the opportunity presented itself. So, my mother's friend asked me, as I was cleaning her house, during the course of our conversation, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" And I said, "A maid." She was not happy. She was asking me why I would say such a thing, and that I should reach for more in life. It's like, she had a problem with me wanting to be a maid, but she didn't mind that I was cleaning her house. I mean, I get it, I guess. I'm glad that the boss Martha Stewart appeared on the scene and became a billionaire showing people that working around the house is not a game, and nothing to look down on. I love Martha Stewart. So, in answer to your question @Maya, I would say yes, in a manner of speaking I have made this "maid" dream a reality in that I've been able to make my love of all things housekeeping a nice hustle for myself. The other person who asked me this question was a teacher that I had in school. I didn't get a chance to tell him what I wanted to be because he asked me the question via a letter. He, however, told me what he thought I should do, which is to be a writer. That has worked out nicely as well, although I'm not a published author yet, however, I'm working on it. Oh, and I also wanted to be David Letterman's wife. Don't judge me:sneaky:.
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