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  1. I enjoyed that! How did you come up with the idea? Your actors did a good job. They weren't cheesy like you normally find in amateur films. I hope you win!
  2. I don't recall ever having a splinter, but I've heard that you can put a piece of tape over it and hope that your body expels it through the night. No clue if that's true or not.
  3. It's been a depressing year when it comes to entertainment. It seems like I've seen more horror and suspense flicks than anything else and very few were excellent.
  4. Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone are all that I can think of, but I’m sure that can't be it. Try Killing Eve if you're into suspense. The Americans is another good one if you haven't seen it already and there're tons of episodes to binge.
  5. I agree with you all the way, Snarky-Guru! MJF needs to get some help from Jericho and Jericho ought to be ashamed for letting his boy go out with that elevator music. Believe it or not, it's actually free stock music. Incidentally, my favorite theme is Jericho's. He's incredibly talented! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8b45bhMp5ME I also like Darby Allin's theme music.
  6. That was a great match to watch! I wasn't as into Castro versus Felipe which was the other main event. It was cool that Felipe picked up his first UFC win, but not a lot happened in my opinion.
  7. The Game of Thrones because I hated the ending so much. Bran and Sansa weren't the ones who stuck their necks out, and they did none of the work. I also felt they treated Jon Snow horribly in the end. Ceresei, Tyrion, and Arya were the clever strategists with guts. So the ending was just hard to take.
  8. I'm not interested in getting a new Xbox since Microsoft seems to be making their games compatible across the board. I'd rather just spend a little more and get a good gaming laptop.
  9. Orange Cassidy's gimmick of gently kicking his rivals in the shin is a horrible storyline in my opinion. So is pretending that he's the laziest man in the world. The announcers oversell it as well. The McMahons have starred in more bad storylines than anyone else though. Remember when he pretended to cheat on is wife and flaunted his mistress in front of her? Or how about when he forced Trish to bark like a dog? The whole very public courtship between Stephanie and Triple H was ridiculous too. What??? @Poppy, I appreciate your upbeat look at this. I need to do better about seeing the good in things myself.
  10. You can't possibly think it matters, surely. You could have a elephant run against Biden and Republicans would vote for the elephant. You could have a donkey run against Trump and the Democrats would vote for the donkey. It's been proven time and time again that there aren't enough swing voters to ever make a difference because few people actually change their minds. And the electoral college has been gerrymandered to help the Republicans anyway, hence no popular vote despite present day technology that would make it easy, so I wouldn't clutch my pearls over Trump and co having the virus. I'm trying to do better about not seeing gloom and doom in everything, so I hope that helped. I avoid the news because it's so depressing and I've been working towards finding the positive in things. I hate for anyone to deal with the virus, but I've noticed that it's done some good here. I live in the conservative South and the for the first time people are masking up and not standing so close when out and about. Maybe that will help make a difference with ending the pandemic.
  11. No. Entertainment wrestling might be sprinkled with kayfabe, but there's also some truth to it and fans like to pretend that it's all real. If I squint and try real hard, I can believe that The Undertaker had a match in the cemetery and that The Fiend and Cena were throwing down in a fun house. But Mars? Get out of here with that!
  12. How many tabs do you typically have open while you're on the internet? I'm up to 3 windows and 82 tabs at the moment. That's pretty typical for me. Personally, I blame it all on chasing hyperlinks.
  13. I think quite a few of those numbers were likely paid for and were made by bots. Good on Cristiano Ronaldo though. It's interesting that an athlete, rather than an actor, tops the spot. Are you surprised?
  14. Are you guys back to watching big releases at the movie theater? We only have the one theater in my area and it hasn't opened back up yet. So, I'm disappointed that Tenet is only being shown in theaters, but not enough to drive an hour to see it in the next town over. Am the only one who is surprised by this move? Most big releases have been available in digital format so it could be viewed at home.
  15. Gamers will always want the latest, greatest thing, and I'm sure the tech industry will rise to the occasion by releasing new gear to keep them buying. I just hope we aren't moving towards a subscription model only. I like the option, but I don't want it to be the only choice.
  16. In my neck of the woods, every time the restrictions are eased it takes about two weeks for COVID-19 cases to increase, which of course leads to the restrictions being put right back in place. It's maddening! I think I'm beginning to accept that this is how life will be for a long time. China still owns the global economy. I don't think the pandemic changed that.
  17. Every few years the rumors start churning as fans salivate over a possible UFC match between Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones. Dana White says he'll support it if Lesnar and Jones want to fight each other. I can't say that I blame White since it's certain to be ratings gold. But do you think both parties will agree? I think Lesnar and Jones might agree on the surface to a fight, but I doubt the match will ever happen. It's just part of the hype machine. What about you? Do you think 2020 or 2021 is when we'll finally see the Beast Incarnate take on Bones?
  18. Thanks! Those games are perfect for taking a mental break at the office without needing to pull out my phone. I was tired of playing nothing but Solitaire which seems to be the only game that's been installed on every work computer I've ever encountered.
  19. It looks like the McMahon clan might be ready to admit that the AEW is a real threat to their viewership numbers. Rumors are going around that the WWE might move NXT to another night so that it doesn't have to compete with Dynamite. I think that's pretty major if it turns out to be true since NXT has been the hottest brand for WWE lately. NXT is the new Raw. Plus, Vince threw several of his stars back to NXT to create promos, feuds, and events, so it's not like he didn't try to draw the heat away from Dynamite and reclaim the status as the top promotion. What do you make of the rumors? If they turn out to be true, do you think Vince will put Raw or SmackDown up against Dynamite instead?
  20. It's a beautiful name that lends itself to some cool nicknames. You've got Sassy Sarah, Sassafras, Great Ball of Sass, and Sukey. Oh, and Sarah Scissorhands for when you upset her and the claws come out.
  21. You can't boycott your job. They can't either. They went on strike. A wildcat strike. It will affect them financially! It will affect their ability to pick up future endorsements and other deals. It will affect whether they are recruited and signed in the future. This can't have been taken lightly. These pros felt it was important to take a stand. So they did.
  22. I figured I'd try Apple Arcade for a few months, especially since it's so cheap. However, their vast catalog of games is overwhelming. If any of you guys sub I'd love to hear which games you like best. I've mostly stuck with Grindstone so far. It's a fun puzzle and action game and you can tell a lot of work went into developing it.
  23. The Switch isn't region-locked so you should be fine, but you'll probably have to create another user account and profile and set it for Japan in order to buy the game and play it. The hassle might not be worth it.
  24. So, the paper thing isn't working out. I hate the little pests, but it seems awfully barbaric to have them stuck to this paper. They keep trying to escape and save their lives. I could hear the frantic buzzing from the other room as they helplessly flapped their little wings in an effort to get free. I know that sounds silly, but I couldn't bear it. They were still alive the next day and still flapping helplessly. They were truly pitiful. Those poor flies weren't salvageable, so I put them out of their misery quickly and got rid of the paper so the others wouldn't suffer such a fate. Is there a way to trap them and get them back outside without making them suffer?
  25. I have a relative that lives in London and he claims that the Daily Mail is nicknamed the Daily Fail because it's so ridiculous. Is that publication like a sensational gossip rag? If so, you'd still they could do better than a Chick-fil-A story. I think that chain was accused of racism at one point. Maybe that's the hook they were going for but missed?
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