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  1. I agree with @Dust and Rust. If it's not swollen, throbbing, hot, or red, then you likely don't have an infection and can leave it be. If feel you must get it out, then slather on some drawing salve and leave it on overnight with a bandage over it. The splinter should work its way out. Then apply some antibacterial cream.
  2. My hands are getting so dry from washing them a hundred times a day and using hand sanitizer often. I've been using Vaseline Intensive Care lotion, but it's just not cutting it. What works for you?
  3. I wasn't surprised. She usually does well when she's fighting in the bantamweight class. Cyborg beat her in the featherweight division, but she's also naturally larger than Holm, and she didn't win by TKO or KO. I'd say her biggest threat is Nunes. I'd like to see them in the octagon again.
  4. The Bleacher Report covers most sports that are played in the United States. Everything from the NHL to the MBA to NASCAR. They also cover entertainment wrestling sometimes. I'm not sure which blogs cover the popular sports in the UK though, like rugby and cricket.
  5. Oh, I think it's super sweet. It's not surprising that talent for singing runs in their families. It's nice to share a love of music with loved ones. Why not embrace it?
  6. @Gareth The Great, you're right, I just forgot about that one. Thanks for sharing the clip. I don't think I've ever seen him play live before. I enjoyed it!
  7. Boris Johnson is overweight too. Prince Charles is skinny, but he's also in his 70s. I think they both smoke some too. So, I wouldn't worry too much. I'll admit though that I've never been worried about the coronavirus as you can probably tell from my previous posts. Trump catching the virus hasn't changed how I feel about it. I wear a mask and practice social distancing because that's what I'm asked to do to be a good citizen and I have empathy and compassion for everyone around me. So I'm happy to play my part, but I'm not exactly worried about the virus. What does concern me is that Trump claimed he was vaccinated. If he was telling the truth, does that mean that the vaccine doesn't work? That's not good.
  8. I'll be optimistic and say that it might work for an indie promotion. I don't think any of the big promotions would touch it though.
  9. We've been under this threat since I was a teenager and I'm beginning to doubt that it will ever happen. Not because tech isn't smart, but because people don't like change.
  10. The biggest change for me is at work. It's more difficult to handle the logistics of travel as some countries are very strict. It's a hassle to get my temperature checked every time I reenter the building too. Plus, I'm in charge of enforcing mask wearing, but I've beaten everyone into submission and I set a good example, so I've had excellent compliance with just a little grumbling from my cohorts. I can't say that much has changed outside of work though. How has the pandemic changed your life?
  11. I have a habit of falling down rabbit roles while conducting research for work, so I usually have several tabs open too. I don't think I'm quite as extreme as you are though. How does your computer handle all that?
  12. I'm all about Kenny Omega's Battle Cry by Little V. I know some fans don't like it as much as the theme he used for NJPW, but I think Battle Cry really suits him and it gets the crowd pumped. What about you?
  13. I'm surprised Vince hasn't fought harder for dominance. Then again, I guess the decision to move NXT to the USA Network was one of his big tactics but it just didn't work. The numbers for this past Wednesday's show were even worse for NXT. I can't see Vince switching days, though. If he does that, he'll be admitting defeat, and he'll also send more viewers to AEW who want to watch wrestling on Wednesday nights but won't have NXT as the option
  14. @Dwayne, I think it comes on in a month or two. Bravo is hyping it up. I don't think that's what this one was about. Apparently there was a power struggle for the inheritance. The stepfather was MUCH younger than the grandmother when they married. It's rare that the dude is the gold digger in a relationship, but that looks like the motive here. Then after her grandmother passed, marrying her stepfather seems to have allowed Mary Crosby to inherit everything over her mother. I wondered why the inheritance was skipping a generation. I have no idea what the whole story is, but I bet it'll make for good television. You had a good point though. I could see someone marrying a step in order to keep them from taking what they see as their family's money.
  15. I wouldn't watch it, but I also didn't like the other versions of X-Files and only caught a few episodes here and there. I can enjoy an animated show, though. For instance, I thought Star Wars: The Clone Wars was excellent.
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