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  1. I'm no expert, but I golf with workmates sometimes. Par = the number of strokes that a golfer is expected to take to sink the ball. Birdie = 1 less than that number. I don't watch golf on telly and I don't follow the pros.
  2. Well, I'm Welsh and the NFL is a decidedly American thing, but whatever helps them get into the zone is fine with me. I wouldn't be able to pull something like that off. I would feel too foolish. But good for those who rock it and enjoy celebrating with a dance. I mean, we are talking about a sport where the blokes smack each other's arse, so I don't think dancing is that major.
  3. @Dwayne, I've been pleasantly surprised overall. Most of the matches have been entertaining to watch and I go back and forth between which team I think will triumph in the end.
  4. Aston Villa trampled over Liverpool. I really wasn't expecting that. @Gareth The Great I think many of Everton's fans are calling for Pickford to be replaced. He's a strange one. Sometimes he's perfection and sometimes he really blows it. It's a bit unpredictable.
  5. It's part of YouTube's copyright free library. MJF is a star, so it's a bit surprising that AEW didn't get him something original. I like Fozzy's music the best, but Private Party's theme is good too.
  6. I discovered AFI through the Madden. I'm usually more of a hard rock guy and wouldn't have found their music had it not been for that.
  7. Have any good comedies come out this year on telly, at the cinema, or through one of the streaming platforms? Bill and Ted Face the Music had humorous moments but it wasn't a favourite. I could use a good laugh. Which comedies have you enjoyed this year?
  8. That's interesting news to hear. Gaming has become more affordable since they started up with some subscription models, much like Netflix and Spotify. Perhaps that and the pandemic are the driving forces here.
  9. Maybe it's my age, but it feels a bit insincere. Like it's just another way to gain fans and make money. Perhaps I'm just a cynical Welshman.
  10. I'm working from home now and that's a big change. I think my life hasn't changed that much because I'm not a parent and I don't have a vulnerable family member to worry about.
  11. I launch three different web browsers at the same time because it helps me stay organized with work. Plus, I'm a workaholic, so I always have things up and running. I can't imagine needing 82 pieces of information though and that's about what a new tab is for you from what you've described. Just more information.
  12. I go back and forth on this one. Maybe games are designed to be easier now or maybe our skills have improved with age and practice, so they're just easier for us to beat. I'm not sure. Anyway, the most complicated game for me as an adult was Breath of the Wild on Switch. You just kind of had to figure it out as you went.
  13. I know that the song was already written before he made the break from the WWE and started the AEW, but the lyrics perfectly suit the situation.
  14. I wonder whether Lesnar makes more than The Rock? Surely not. I don't believe Rousey could command a huge salary from Vince. He's known for paying the women less, like most employers unfortunately, and she wasn't active for very long.
  15. thing you've done as an adult? I usually plot things out before acting and I'm quite reserved, but last weekend I purchased a new motorcycle on a whim. It's probably a midlife crisis thing but I have no regrets. It's the most impulsive thing I've done as an adult. What about you?
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