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  1. I have a small splinter that's rather deep. Does anyone know how to draw it out without cutting into the skin? It's on my finger, but it doesn't hurt and it isn't swollen.
  2. I think Sabrina the Teenage Witch was the last one I abandoned. I tend to stick it out really. I think disappointing shows are easier to take when you tune in every week because you've invested in them already. I abandon lots of shows when I'm bingeing them. One or two bad episodes and I'm out.
  3. @Snarky-Guru, I had forgotten about that one. I thought she should've married Dawson. It isn't one that haunts me though. @DandyMandy, I totally agree. I'm still surprised by how they chose to end the series. The whole last season was lackluster.
  4. I followed her MMA career for ages and Rousey was being her natural self in the WWE for the most part. She's tough, hardworking, and not afraid to throw down, but she struggles to make the proper corrections once her confidence gets knocked. She typically either lashes out, freezes up, or runs and hides. Lately she's chosen to run and hide when things aren't going according to her plan. I hope she comes back because I find her refreshing. I understand why you feel the way you do though.
  5. It's scripted to a degree, but the wrestlers have genuine talent and it definitely takes athletic skill to put on a match. That's why I think there's always at least one person who will enjoy a show that I hated and vice versa. And sometimes the scripted bits don't matter much to me. A good example is Ronda Rousey. She's no ace on the mic, but she can throw down and sometimes that's enough, you know?
  6. I have so many that still pop into my mind from time to time. Everything from the Titanic with Jack's demise and Rose's sorrow, to Hereditary which had an ending that I never saw coming, to NOS4A2 which was cancelled before I could learn how things turned out for Millie and the other child victims in the long run. Which films and telly shows had endings that still haunt you?
  7. Hmm... I like the shadow because it looks like the guy is looming over her. I think many lasses can relate to minding your own business and being interrupted by a bloke. Your film looks professionally done. May I ask what you used to make the video? It looks fantastic.
  8. What do you think about "the rule of six" and the sudden idea that in England and Scotland we ought to consider grassing up our neighbours and colleagues if we see groups larger than six hanging together inside or outside? It's the same for Wales except that it only applies to groups larger than six indoors. Personally, I'm waiting for the mass false reports and hysteria to set in.
  9. I'm bingeing The Crown on Netflix and there's such a remarkable difference between the two women who comprise the role of queen, and not in a good way. It is a spectacular series stacked with talent, but Claire Foy stole the show with her masterful performance as a young Queen Elizabeth II. Her subtle facial expressions alone could tell the whole story of each scene! While Olivia Coleman isn't horrible, her acting is overdone in this series. She seems to have one facial expression throughout, no matter what is going on. I understand why the director chose to bring in older actors as the characters aged up, but I think it was a mistake. I feel like I'm watching an entirely different programme. I wish they'd chosen to use makeup and other effects to add years to the original actors.
  10. Sorry, but a cat deserves a proper Christian name for public use. Imagine the embarrassment when the vet calls out, "Fattycat," and off you go with him. Poor thing will be the laughing stock. @Rylan10, I quite like Fabienne!
  11. Nice! I wish he had done Vince. I'd say Vince is sherbet. It fits his age. I disagree about Randy Orton though, and think strawberry suits him better.
  12. I loved Saved by the Bell and wanted to marry Slater. I used to have posters of the bloke on my bedroom walls. It's a bit embarrassing now that I think about it. @Rylan10, fellow Brit here. Red Dwarf was a good one too. I watched it on and off through the early aughts. Black Mirror reminds me of that programme sometimes.
  13. Golf? I can't be bothered. My father adores it though. His favourite golfer is Rory McIlroy from Northern Ireland. He's actually quite young for a professional golfer. What about you, Fordy?
  14. One of the biggest draws is the price of their PPVs. It's more costly to buy them individually. It might not matter as much to you until the coronavirus no longer stops live PPVs. Loads of fans feel it's not the same without the audience.
  15. If there was a record to set for the most passive-aggressive cat, then mine would top the list. My ball of floof refuses to eat her dry kibbles that have sat in her dish overnight. Instead of eating normally, she'll get a bite, then slowly let the kibbles fall out of her mouth and onto the kitchen floor. All while making direct eye contact with me. It's passive-aggressive behavior, but the message is clear, "Do you want me to starve woman? I can't possibly eat this stale rubbish!" Do your pets have any weird behaviours?
  16. @17 Below Zero, I enjoyed your witty reply. I promise that I would procure a baby book and learn the important stuff before bringing a child forth into the world. I used to want to get married and have children. Then I hit the age where my friends were settling down and raising families - and complaining about it all the time! I don't think I want a husband or children now. Dating works just fine. @Snarky-Guru, I had forgotten about SIDS. Good point!
  17. That sounds absolutely dreadful. I hope it's not a devastating career blow. Can you imagine trying to do rehab on both knees? It would be a disaster to try to get around.
  18. You're funny, but I believe the idea is that limiting the amount of open public spaces will help slow the spread. In other words, the students will be around other students, then they'll go home and possibly pass COVID-19 to their parents. The parents may go to work, but they also might work at home, so the virus might or might not spread due to work. If you close the pubs and restaurants, the parents won't be able to spread it there. At least I think that's what Boris was yapping about. @Gareth The Great, I think most students will go back to their regular education method this September.
  19. from a nonparent. I have no experience with babies beyond listening to my friends moan about getting up with the infant multiple times through the night. It sounds relentless and dreadful really. So, why do parents do it? Is a human baby unable to survive the night alone? Will it actually get sick if it isn't fed and changed throughout the night? I don't quite see why the parents can't just top it off with a bottle before they go to bed, then change its nappy and feed it again first thing in the morning. I'm sure it will cry, but a good fan will block out the noise. I'm sure I've raised a daft set of questions, so you can probably see why I'm asking online under the cloak of anonymity instead of asking one of the parents I know.
  20. Lately I've been playing Maze Machina on my iPhone. I've become a bit obsessed with it really, largely in part because of the endless queueing in my area of the UK right now. Might as well play a game while waiting around and Maze Machina seems easy, but it's surprisingly challenging and requires strategic thinking.
  21. I haven't read his book and didn't realize he had one out. I hope you'll let us know whether it's any good and has new information that we can't glean elsewhere.
  22. It's odd because Vince seems to be carrying on as usual. He's holding the same PPVs, but limiting the audience and production crew as he's required to by law. That's about it really.
  23. A good chunk of the population in the UK and the US are going bonkers over having to wear a mask in shops and in other public spaces. What is that about? I don't understand the outrage over what appears to be a minor inconvenience to me. If you object to masks or know someone who does, I'd love to know why it's so bothersome. I feel like I'm out of the loop.
  24. A lot of fans enjoyed the Lana/Rusev/Lashley angle, but it seemed silly to me. If I was Rusev, I'd say good riddance and go on to better things. He'll land something good. Would love to see him on AEW's roster. Cody said that AEW isn't interested in signing a lot of WWE's wrestlers. I think that's smart. It's one thing to pull a coup and lure a wrestle away from the WWE in hopes of a brighter future and better schedule, and another to take WWE's cast-offs. Those wrestlers are still talented, some are even great, but it's not a good look. It will also seem like they're signing their old buds. I don't think EC3 would have a way in at AEW without Jericho. I wonder where Zack Ryder will land? He's buddies with Jericho and Cody I think. Is Kurt Angle broke? I know he was in need of funds at one point, so we went back to wrestling, but hopefully that's not where he's at today.
  25. Wow, @Kam that's really something else. With WWE 2K21 getting cancelled and losing money at WrestleMania this year, maybe Vince needs an influx of cash and The Undertaker's dirt is supposed to help with that. Honestly, I'm dieing here.
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