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  1. wow some of you people act like they will ever put the belt on jeff.. while jeff is great in the ring out side of the ring is his problem... i think unless jeff drops out for atleast 6 months and goes to rehab to quit all drugs for good he will never go anywhere in the WWE..
  2. wow some of you people act like they will ever put the belt on jeff.. while jeff is great in the ring out side of the ring is his problem... i think unless jeff drops out for atleast 6 months and goes to rehab to quit all drugs for good he will never go anywhere in the WWE..
  3. to tell you guys the truth i have not watched a full smackdown show in 3 years.. for some reason it seems all the good writers stayed on raw... the wreslers are very good on smackdown and edge was my favorite wrestler till he went to smackdown... end the split but still keep both shows.. think about it peopel dont like it because peopel would get lost but if you had two shows it gives everybody time and it keeps us from haveing to see the same two people fued over and over and over again... i for one would love to see a HHH vs taker match or a batista vs shawn match hell give me a kahli vs umaga.. jsut think it you ended the split and keept both shows the kind of matches you could get out of it
  4. ok some do not like a full heel turn.. what about a Cena who fights everbody not just faces or heels... as for a heel turn the only person i can see that he could attack would be HHH.... he is the one who is already a huge star. i agree we can not stop jeff hardys push.... also it coul dlead down to a dream match of mine CENA VS Y2J!!!!
  5. Man i miss that guy do you know how many PPV's i paid for just for the hopes he would lose.... my thoughts is I think it would be better for the WWE if cena turned heel... seems like now we have way too many good guys and the heels we have now all suck at promos.... I was also thinking cena and ortan would make one heck of a team heck throw in a new bigshow and we have somthing to watch monday nights for again.
  6. i still dont get it nobody made the kid get into the car why shoudl hogan pay one single cent to his famly.. hogan has already payed for all the kids medical bills what else can you ask of him..... i think whats going on has nothing to do about there son its about the kids parents seing a chance to get super rich real quick... if they do get a single cent it should not go to the parents but be put into a trust fund for the kid to only be used by him.. if he never recovers then it should then be used to give him the best care... i can already see it now th ekid will live in a dump place while the parents moove away and buy a huge house and buches of cars.... lol to bad we dont still have a eye for a eye law maybe take nicks Dumbass and slam him into a pole a couple times till he is in the same place as his friend
  7. wow first raw in since Cena got hurt that i watched all the way through... i was exited to see Y2J back.. i even got of the couch when he showed up.. i will say this Who's idea was it for him to come out with that haircut? it really stood out and for some reason i spent more time staring at that bad haircut then hearing wha the had to say.... all in all FINALLY we have a person back in the WWE that is worth wathing a whole show for... in the last year it seems like RAW went down hill.. carlito is no longer being pushed HHH is no longer the super Heal im stuck watching jeff hardy being pushed. Cena is no longer champion.. HBK still put son great matches but for some reason i cant get into his promos like i used too.. a year ago i would never miss a minute of Raw now it looks like i have somthing to watch raw for.. not saying RAW is that bad and maybe im still trying to hope for another attitude style year like in th egood old days.... here is to you Y2J but dont think you will hold on to your belt much longer cause Cena cant stay hurt forever
  8. i dont know what to think due to why are we just blaiming Nick.. im almost 100% sure that his friend wanted to be in the car and knew what could happen if they did race... i also know that if nick was drinking even a littlebit then i dont care trhow the book at him.. if any kind of proof comes out aht he was not drinking then i say that he should not be charged for more then reckless driving.. his friend knew what could happen they are both to blame doing stupid things sometimes makes bad things happen to you.... i do say if Nick was drinking then he should get the maximum punishment allowed under the law.. my mother was killed by a drunken driver so i dont take to kindly to peopel who choose to drink and drive
  9. i dont care if vince has to sell his kids soul to the devil but if he wants to keep the wpmens title around then he needs to bring trish and lita back...... Mickie James was best as a heal and now i cant even tell what she is... all i know is the only time i ever watched the womens match was when it had either micky trish or lita in the match
  10. man that is sad.. i never liked her skits to tell the truth though.. it was not because i did not like her it was because i did not like how the WWE was making a true legend look bad.. she was a old lady they should of only had her on in good ways.. i always thought that she would have made a great manager for a current diva.. i will miss the good old days when women where wrestlers not just eye candy and sex apeal that the divas are today
  11. im tiered and i jsut thought was there not a bible thumper wreslter like 4 years ago malichi ir how every you spell his name tha thad a fued with the undertaker.. oh well i wish they would just tell us already as long as its not the Bush whackers or some other over th eheal legends then i really could care less.. unless its chris really comming back
  12. ahh i picked Vince not saying i would like to see that but they way vince and his story line with HHH i could see once again him being stupid and putting the belt on himself once again...... i know i have been living under a rock but when i watched Cena's fight i never really saw where he got hurt.. are we more then sure this is not just another great hoax by the WWE to get people to pay for a PPV that would not have goten that many viewers anyways?
  13. well its up to the mods if this stays or not i would like a mod to atleast message me or post in this thread to atleast explain if this is ok or not im not here break the rules but what i read of the rules to me seems like nothing is wrong also would like to say its not like its a whole show in one link i put if up into ten differnt sections all i did was post each link all in one thread
  14. no its not if you read the rules its not agaist the rules if that is the case then evrey single link in this thread would be here is the rules you have a website you wish to advertise, please use the Plug Forum. Alternatively, you may use our partner site WrestlingDirectory.co.uk to increase the number of hits to your site. You may also add a link in your signature. No link may contain pornographic, illegal or hateful material, and any links posted outside of the Plug Forum with no relevence to a thread or that serves only as an advertisement will be deleted, and the user may be banned if the occurance continues raw may suck some times but its not hateful nor pornorgraphic.. also nothing at all is illigal about my post like i said if it was then so would the youtube links since this site is nothing but a youtube clone
  15. link to watch raw online -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- well guys dont think anybody else is doing this so i will do it this one time and if you guys like it i will post the links to watch raw every tuesday morning for you guys who missed it monday. 1 http://videos.sapo.pt/full.html?f=/l...N0Z17Ozv/mov/1 2 http://videos.sapo.pt/full.html?f=/E...tdgtkiyi/mov/1 3 http://videos.sapo.pt/full.html?f=/q...UO8810gK/mov/1 4 http://videos.sapo.pt/full.html?f=/z...qkNsoEye/mov/1 5 http://videos.sapo.pt/full.html?f=/T...fnY63h93/mov/1 6 http://videos.sapo.pt/full.html?f=/D...TZh0Rhb7/mov/1 7 http://videos.sapo.pt/full.html?f=/i...1KVdz3V6/mov/1 8 http://videos.sapo.pt/full.html?f=/w...BSfZiRPR/mov/1 9 http://videos.sapo.pt/full.html?f=/B...g9uLZBaW/mov/1 10 http://videos.sapo.pt/full.html?f=/p...eg77fziD/mov/
  16. do you really thik its jsut the WWE that has this problem come on there is not a single wrestling show or program that does not have talent that is not on roids.. so what if they use them its there dam body.. they dont do it jsut for fun they do it so they can look better for you.. its not just a WWE thing its all sports that has this problem last year the big thing was baseball now in a coule days the NFL will release names... does congress ahve nothing better to do then to worry about who is using roids.. wiuth all the crap that is wrong with this country and with both sides of congress doing nothing but trying to get elected to higher office this is the worst thing for them to waste there time on... who cares if the wrestlers said that they never took roids hell who in there right mind would say hey i use drugs... again to thoughs who have been suspended take this time to reflect about what you are doing to your body because doing it for the fans is not worth it because they will turn on you in a heartbeat..... they know you use them but act shocked and mad when it becomes public... if you really are tha tmad about it go watch a new sport that does not have roid users good luck finding one though unless Synchronized_swimming is your thing
  17. you know what has ticked me off about this whole this is? everybody knows most of them use roids yet we still watched. now everybody has turned against the stars that give every single day of there lives trying to please us.. they risk there lives taking these drugs and yet all you guys are doing now is acting happy that a superstar you did not like is on the list.. another thing this is just like the GOV since neither dems nor republicans can do anything right they have to go on witch hunts.. i watch the news and see some of the interviews with China wich every other word is a flat out lie out of her mouth.. you cant tell me she was not juiced when she was around.. you watch 6 months from now nobody will give a dam about the roid crap this is all just so the GOV can act like they are doing there job... to all who have been suspended i wish you the best in your 30 days rest
  18. i guess we should all say oh well he was given everything then made the WWE look bad that there top guy was caught with drugs and it went public... i say just fire the guy now if he is dumb enough to screw up when he is on top then he does not care about his job.. any any otehr job if the head guys gets caught with crap like this he is let go RVD should be thanking GOD right now that he still has a job
  19. first of all RVD should have never been champion.......... what the hell is so wrong with the big show being champion for once he is booked as the big giant force that only Paul can bring out.. you guys seem to forget when bigshow and paul where together bigshow had some of his best matches... Paul knows what he is doing with the big show... right now ECW is only one hour so there are not many matches so not many people have prper fueds yet sandman for one has done nothing but a few smash jobs on nobodys... just because show is champion does not mean that ECW will be crap..... i think ECW is finaly doing things right there new show is jsut not for the hardcore fans but it is also for the casual fans.... when ECW gets more guys then you can say big show should drop the belt but intill then there is nobody else to put the belt on
  20. how do i know they had them to get high well that is simple if they needed them for pain then that would have been fine by me only if it was given to them by there docter wich it was not...... if they would of got a docter to give them the pills then everything would have been ok since i dont see a little weed any big deal
  21. wow i see alot of peopel dont wish RVD and sabo to get into any trouble for this.. well lets bring up a little bit about the painkillers. was there or was there not another wrestler who died not to long ago because of a former use of painkillers... i say how dare RVD and sabo tarnish there name just so they can get a little high.. these guys should be fired and never let back again.. its about time vince cracks down on peopel who put themselfes in danger jsut to get high.. pain pills are not only bad for there healths its also puts them in healt risk that could cost the WWE big money or a loss of a star
  22. well its the BIG SHOW!!!!! wow i thought the crowd was about to riot...... did love there marajuana chant at RVD when it clicked on them that RVD would not win the match...... im glad RVD is no longer champ but Paul hurt himself by the way he decided to get the belt of RVD.. in a big way i agree with the crowd he just sold ECW out by screwing his main guy..... if they wanted to take the belt off of him by a screw job atleast they could have had maybe cena or edge screw RVD not paul....
  23. you have to look at it this way.. many more fans will want to go to the who then when the old ECW was around.... why should the WWE loose out on a show that could make them lots of money just because a few people want it in there old home.... sorry but ECW has hit the big time for better or worse thery are not the old ECW so they should not be in there old home...... also tonight me thinks maybe RVD might loose his other belt me can only hope though
  24. i agree lawler could be gone and i would not care.. can not say though that i wont miss him he was a very good both guy.. as for JR hell now he cant go.. i hated styles jsut because he was in JR's seat JR is one of the reasons i love raw so much. that guy gets into the matches so much.. i will say that JR has some memory loss though because he forgets the name of some of the mooves but other then that he is much more closer to his former self then the king is.... one last thing do we really need a heel booth guy.. seems like all they do is get on my nerves and make me wish i could slap them threw my tv.. maybe im strange but when i watch alot of the matches i get into them so much that i work myself up lol i dont need a heel guy pissing me off
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