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  1. If Stephanie Mcmahon appeared every week wearing low cut tops and a short skirt I would forgive her. But she doesnt so I admit things must change.
  2. Ive worked a match against Deadly Downey for an indy fed in Newcastle. I am good!
  3. Other than Chelsea everyone else will be in the same boat. Spurs lost to West Brom but West Brom played just as many games as Spurs.
  4. Theres no doubt that the WWE need new writers but for some reason Vince hasnt changed the structure of the comopany. Which suggests to me he is making profit and doesnt care.
  5. Thanks for the compliment. I love seeing people like Draven get so annoyed that he wants me to have cancer, I think its great and gives me satisfaction that I am right. But I do pitty Draven because he has never inserted his **** into a girl. He might have done that to a man or his mother but thats another story. By reacting to me you are making me the number 1 heel. Once again, thankyou.
  6. Fantastic. Scrap fan enjoyment. These are paid thousands of pounds and cant play 4 games in eight days? We pay their wages by buying season tickets and merchandise. I pay 350 quid to watch Sunderland every season, if someone cant play 4 games in eight days they need shooting.
  7. Yes, people keep telling me to have cancer is getting boring. At least I am established as TWO's number 1 heel.
  8. Loads of people are yet again whinging about to many games over the festive period but this time the F.A are thinking about a winter break next season. I know it has problems with people travelling to postponed games etc but they can get round this by making games between teams of a short distance. Premiership footballers are paid thousands of pounds a week and should be able to play 4 games in eight days to entertain football fans over the festive period.
  9. I want Sunderland to sign Robert Earnshaw permanently or on loan as Bryan Robson has finally accepted his transfer request.
  10. I would be annoyed or upset if I valued your existence as a human being. Take my advice again and get laid. I bet your a virgin. I bet you havent kissed a girl.
  11. If I was a gimmick I would get bored. I truly love divas. I have been a fan of WWE for 10 years but became bored 6 months ago. So now I only enjoy divas.
  12. You hope I contract cancer and die? Thats really classy. People have their own tastes but to call someone ugly and a dog when they are sexy is stupid. Mickie James is good looking and if you said shes not your type then fine, but to say she is a dog means you have extremely high standards. If you ever get to have sex then you will realise people like Mickie James are fantastic. Mickie James is better than anything you will ever get. I dont fancy people for looks is the excuse of someone who is ugly and cant get sexy girls. Advice to you is to get laid! :thumbsup
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