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  1. I began watching wrestling in the early 90s before WCW had went live with Nitro. Later on when Nitro did come about in 95 I was getting older and more interested. I watched the WWF also but I was a WCW fan until it went off the air. Through all the good, the bad, the goofy, and whatever else was going on I stuck with them. I started catching ECW late at night after my dad and stepmom had went to bed. I loved the feel and energy of ECW being a smaller promotion. I've always liked rooting for the underdog. My dad got tickets to see WCW in Little Rock, Arkansas about 30 mins away from where I lived. He got ringside seats it was amazing! My dad was a huge Goldberg fan and even had a Goldberg credit card which was funny to me. I was sad when WCW and ECW went off the air and have many fond memories watching those two promotions. I still watch WWE and my wife now has even become a fan. I'll always be a wrestling fan!
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