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  1. Would you say there has been a paradigm shift in as far as music production is concerned? A majority of the hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s almost followed a similar pattern; telling a story that resonated with the audience. A musician was either talking about love, his journey of love, and so on. We seem to be having shorter music videos now, and it is probably more about getting you thrilled by the quality of the video and not so much about the content of a song. Do you share my thoughts?
  2. It is either I am too particular about movies or those that come out nowadays have a similar and familiar plot. Back then, there was a certain sophistication around movies like Phonebooth and Transit. Which movies have intrigued you lately?
  3. Breaking Bad got a lot of good reviews, but I couldn't watch it past the second season. I know I will one day push myself to watch it to the end. Did any of you enjoy Bosch or Vampire Diaries?
  4. On the same breath, Apple TV may be worth it for some people and not for others. Considering that we now have a variety of Smart TVs, it is easy to get to watch what you want, without purchasing a separate streaming box.
  5. I started following him as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. This trailer has a great concept around it, and I am suddenly considering Apple TV. There seems to be a lot in store.
  6. Ooh yes @Gareth The Great , the popularity of pop and rap music may have played a part. Most of the successful solo artists we see today were part of a band/group at some point in their career.
  7. Surely Apple is here to torture our wallets except that I had no idea the starting price was going to be $699. There is plenty to look forward to, plus the availability in 6 colors is a good thing. Is anyone of you opting for a pre-order?
  8. I can pay for a game, but playing games on a mobile device isn't so intriguing. Like you say, it would be fair to have a flat rate for these games yet it wouldn't be possible because of the difference in complexity.
  9. There was a time when bands were the order of the day, irrespective of the music genre. Are we looking at a period where solo acts and more profitable and appealing than bands? No popular band comes to mind now, whereas that wasn't the case a few decades back.
  10. As much as they may not want to hear it, the musicians understand very well that times have changed. I purchase music and store it in the cloud, where it is easily accessible. If not in soft, which recorded music format can stand the test of time?
  11. Just trying to figure out how a slapping competition is structured and I can't help but cringe at the thought of being slapped. I think this one falls the 'weird but dangerous games'!
  12. I am a Chelsea fan, and losing our first game against Manchester United made us get extremely trolled on social media. This past weekend saw some top teams suffer the same fate. Are we staring at another campaign that will go down the wire? Both Liverpool and Manchester City look like serious title contenders.
  13. lymmo

    Future stars?

    When Andy Ruiz Jr. defeated Antony Joshua, many were shocked and looked at it a major upset. Considering that he was little known then, I concluded that there is a lot of young talent and stiff competition. Hard work and resilience are what determine how far anyone can go.
  14. Well, all I know is that Neil Rutter set a world record a year ago, on the same date today. The 2016 edition was an interesting one because it was the first time a brother and sister simultaneously won the national championship.
  15. I agree with you @DandyMandy about our taste in comedy always changing, but it seems like the successful stand-up comedians talk about real-life issues. Look at how Michael McIntyre humorously talks about the fridge? Again, is it always me who feels like all these comedians speak fast?
  16. I'm never late to meetings neither do I hand in reports way after deadline day. When there are about 7 days to work on something, I start concentrating with about 2 to 3 days remaining. I put on my thinking cap and do my best. So far so good for me. Would you regard me as a 'last minute' person?
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