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  1. Despite not watching all the games, I am glad that the Lakers emerged on top. Yes, there has been a steady rise in terms of sporting activities, and so it feels like the situation keeps getting better.
  2. I think so too, plus who wouldn't fancy seeing these two back in the ring for a match? It feels good when a competitor highlights and commends one's professionalism and talent.
  3. These are the kind of movies that you watch and try to imagine what was going through the creator's mind. I hardly stop what I start (even when I don't get the hang of it).
  4. Failing to clear cookies and temporary files over a long time could lead to lagging. Not shutting down your PC or laptop for a long time also affects its performance. For me, anything more than five tabs at a go is a lot!
  5. Every reader is always excited to read such links; it helps them plan better or get to know about newly published books. I have read a couple of books on the list, and I will check out the rest.
  6. He is among my favorite wrestlers, and it is good to hear that he is close to returning to the ring after suffering torn triceps last month. The post-surgery procedure was slow, but he seems to have made steady progress.
  7. In a Q&A session with fans on his Facebook page, the WWE Hall of Famer named John Cena as the Greatest Of All Time of WWE. Among other things, he said that Cena was great to work with, professional, kind, and talented. Though not agreeable to all, I feel that JC has stood out all through his career.
  8. Yes, Liverpool remains unbeaten at Anfield, but considering the quality we've (so far) witnessed in the EPL, it may be a matter of time before the team loses at home. Yesterday's game was a thriller, and yes, Everton is a team to watch this season!
  9. I'd also say go with either. There is a chance that you will get discounted offers for both, depending on how soon the birthday is. On the other hand, a DSLR is a gift not everyone can think of, as compared to a smartphone.
  10. Since most of our usual means of entertainment are still off the menu, how have you been keeping busy? I have been watching out for online concerts (most of them free), digital museum tours, and hosting Netflix viewing parties.
  11. Smartphones have come a long way, and now it is possible to have a full console-quality gaming experience on choice phones. I use the phone only when on the go. Phones built with gaming in mind include Asus ROG 3, Razer Phone 2, Black Shark 2, and Nubia Red Magic 5G, among others.
  12. When WWE and AEW put these restrictions in place, no one anticipated that audience-less shows would still be in place in October. In my view, the situation could remain the same until the end of the year.
  13. lymmo

    TV settings

    Was it on offer? That seems like an incredibly low price for a 70" set that usually costs about $800 upwards. With the ever-evolving technology, the least I can settle for is a Smart TV.
  14. Wow, is this now a real phenomenon? I used to regard it as one of those unreal things that middle schoolers discuss a lot. I am interested in watching anything that sets to explain what this is all about. Are there some clips you can recommend?
  15. A rise in false reports or hysteria would reverse any possible gains. Would I grass up such a neighbor? I am not sure about this, but then, what happens to those who get in trouble with the authorities?
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