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  1. There are countless (good) books out there, so it depends on a reader's genre of preference. I am sure many such links exist, but in my view, finding an exhaustive list isn't easy.
  2. Without finding motivation, achieving a consistent exercise routine can become a difficult task. Internal motivation comes and goes depending on the specific area of our lives in question. A training partner can help us achieve our goals by keeping us accountable.
  3. It might still be early in the competition, yet the first few games have shown the kind of quality to expect this season. Do you think the usual culprits will continue dominating the Champions League?
  4. Curious new gamers often wonder where to start polishing their skills and gaining experience. I no longer get enough time now, but I think it is best to practice with games on the phone or computer before purchasing a console. I remember starting with NFS back in the day!
  5. I have just started paying more attention to podcasts and would love recommendations. I started with the short ones that last for five minutes, but now my attention span allows me to listen for hours. So far, Reply All, The Daily, and Fiasco are the ones I listen to most.
  6. The thing about visiting numerous websites and opening may tabs means that there will be lots of temporary files and cookies stored on your PC or laptop. You have to keep clearing these so that your computer doesn't lag.
  7. Yes, the pandemic has made people more aware and curious when it comes to discovering new things to do. I think the popularity of gaming will continue soaring with the subscription models making it affordable.
  8. Wow, how do you manage to keep track of all the tabs? I can work with a maximum of 3 windows but not more than 10 tabs. I close any that I am not using so I can work better.
  9. When COVID-10 struck, most countries were unsure about how best to handle it. With inbound and outbound flights canceled, it was hard to get to some places. What are your thoughts on the automatic temperature checkers?
  10. My thinking is that robots get things done swiftly. If we are talking manufacturing, companies can produce more at a shorter and save more in wages and salaries. The question would be, what happens to those that get laid off?
  11. Sometime in 2019, Reed Hastings, the Netflix CEO, mentioned what he thought was the company's stiffest competition, and no one imagined it was going to be the video game Fortnite. The assumption was that cable television or movie theaters would feature somewhere. Do you think that instead of reaching for a TV remote, more people are now going for a game controller?
  12. I would report a neighbor who interferes with routine and causes lots of disturbance. Limiting the number of people that can gather at any time can be a difficult thing to do because not all living spaces are of the same size.
  13. didge

    TV settings

    It is usually a daunting task to familiarize oneself with settings in a new TV from a different brand at a go. I often experiment with the backlight, Color Space, Black Level, HDMI Range, and RGB Range settings, where applicable!
  14. Instagram seems to be the platform of choice for most of them compared to the likes of Facebook or Twitter. In 2020, Cristiano Ronaldo has the highest number of followers at 196 million, followed by Ariana Grande with 159.9 million, then Selena Gomez, who has 153.7 million followers. What do you make of this ranking?
  15. Remember, you want a name that first-time visitors can recall and type in the shortest time possible. How about letsread.com or readingisfun.com? There are countless catchy names from which @Hendo can choose!
  16. It is so kind of you to look this up, but how about going for a shorter name? You want one that is catchy and easy to remember/type. It can be so tasking to choose a website name; I now understand why some people opt to outsource.
  17. The 2020-2021 Premier League season starts a week from now. Three new clubs (Fulham, Leeds United, and West Ham United) joined from the Championship. Is it too early to predict which teams will outperform the rest?
  18. I have never thought of writing a novel, but I assume it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment to do so. You may need to hire a few people to keep you on course.
  19. I agree; much as most Americans will exercise their democratic right in November, many are still unsure about the best option. The President is trailing the Democratic nominee, according to multiple polls. I will curious to see how the states of Minnesota and Arizona vote.
  20. I don't even get to watch any TV channel unless there is a documentary showing somewhere. I know some of my friends who have a schedule of what to watch, and perhaps I could borrow a leaf. I prefer to watch historical documentaries or shows inspired by real-life scenarios.
  21. Wow, I had no idea there was a TV series bearing the same name. For how long did this show last? I remember watching The Fugitive and getting thrilled throughout the movie. Did you know that Ford is a trained pilot?
  22. Do you follow a schedule when it comes to issues entertainment? I haven't been so good at following TV shows or watching movies, and I blame it on various distractions when in the house. On the other hand, I have never been good at binge-watching!
  23. I agree that in the US, there is a lot of emphasis on the running mate. When Joe Biden made the announcement, a lot of political analysts started paying attention to his running mate and whether or not he will bolster the Democratic's nominee chances at the ballot.
  24. It has never been a question of his loyalty to the team, but now it appears that he is at crossroads. To me, asking for a move, rather than addressing the recent loss to Bayern, sounds defeatist. I would prefer that he retires at his boyhood club that he has spent two decades at which have been hugely beneficial to the player and club alike.
  25. Much as Lyon posed a threat having eliminated Juventus earlier, Bayern Munich continued with the momentum that enabled them to beat Barcelona with ease. This year's final is a game to look forward to; no team will give the other an easy run.
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