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  1. With the return of major European leagues, I can now enjoy football regularly. The Champions League 2020-2021 season has also kicked off in earnest. Though gradual, we could soon see fans being allowed into the sporting arenas.
  2. A training partner can either be a motivation or distraction, depending on how you look at it. I believe in setting my training schedule and strictly being adherent unless there are unavoidable circumstances. Before seeking out a partner, you have to be accountable to yourself!
  3. John Cena is a formidable wrestler, and I think that Kurt Angle was being brutally honest in naming him as the G.O.A.T of WWE. I am sure the former would have kind words for the latter in a similar situation.
  4. I initially thought that Liverpool was to play host to Everton at Anfield; it turns out that the venue was Goodison Park. James Rodriguez is a good addition, though the team has to improve in midfield. I look forward to seeing how the return fixture pans out!
  5. Liverpool last lost at home to Crystal Palace in April 2017, with former player Cristian Benteke scoring two goals. This year's derby will be a mouthwatering encounter since, unlike Liverpool, the league leaders have enjoyed a 4-game unbeaten run. What are your predictions?
  6. Sometime in August, Shane McMahon introduced Raw Underground during an episode of Monday Night Raw. These "shoot-style fights" are now to be discontinued. Could it be that a show that ran for eight straight weeks didn't take off as expected?
  7. I think mobile gaming has become popular since gamers cannot be at a specific place all the time. Desiring to game on the move could explain why some of them do so on their phones and tablets. Future game developers should consider having mobile game versions.
  8. The players miss the crowds, and we can't conclusively say that most teams now have a home advantage. I think that this is a good idea, and other sports should think along these lines as well.
  9. The tempo in the 2020-2021 EPL season is so exciting, and I can't wait for the international break to come and go. In my opinion, Everton and Aston Villa are the most improved teams.
  10. A smartphone is a more convenient gift since most people either own one or want to upgrade. You are right about getting a professional cam, but only if the person is interested in photography.
  11. There is a prediction that robots could take over 20 million manufacturing jobs in 10 years. They could bring benefits regarding productivity and economic growth, but they won't be cheap to put into use, right?
  12. Ever since I saw a robot anchoring news with near perfection, I realized that AI is just getting started. There will be more unique advancements in the years to come, and yes, we brought this on ourselves.
  13. It will be another milestone in the extensive scope of AI. Do you think there will ever be a human mission to the planet? In November 1971, Mars 2 crash-landed while in December of the same year, Mars 3 achieved a softer landing, only for its transmission to be interrupted after a few seconds.
  14. A lot has changed in 10 years, and now gaming is a global phenomenon. Retail releases are dwindling when compared to digital downloads. While gaming demographics have shifted, do you think that the expanding demographics of gamers require advancing technology in the future?
  15. You know people could be in a group of 6 or more but observing social distancing. Wouldn't the authorities be overwhelmed in case each of us kept an eye on our neighbors' activities? I am eager to see how this goes.
  16. Well, I believe that this fight could happen if there is enough goodwill from both teams. It would be a fight of the decade, indeed. Who do you reckon could win this?
  17. It seems like it is just the beginning for her, in comparison to say, Serena Williams, who has won 23 Grand Slam titles. I believe she has got a lot in her to maintain the top spot.
  18. At this point in my life, I will watch anything that is on TV. I have a few favorites, but with a busy schedule during the day, I am usually too tired to pay attention in the evening.
  19. Yes, the revenue will continue to soar, plus future games could have a mix of virtual and AR technology. VR gaming continues to be unpopular despite improvements taking place. I think that the high cost is a huge deterrent.
  20. Do you remember when this movie came out, and everyone was talking about it? I remember watching it when almost everyone had done so. I was a Harrison Ford fan and watched every movie in which he starred. This movie was a commercial success, going on to gross about $370 million against a $44 million budget. The trailer
  21. We are in for a great spectacle when PSG challenges Bayern Munich in the final. The latter are five-time champions, whereas the former are chasing glory for the first time in Europe. Who do you think will win?
  22. At some point, there could have been more male than female gamers, but that has changed a lot over time. Like @Gareth The Great opines, the blokes easily get spotted.
  23. Arsenal finished this season with an FA Cup trophy when the duel on 1st June had everyone predicting an easy win for Chelsea FC. Even with one-man less, the eventual losers enjoyed greater ball possession. Now we turn our attention to the Champions League after a wrap up of most European League competitions.
  24. Call of Duty, but that was ages ago. I made the mistake of playing with guys who were so good at it then. There is more time available now, but I hardly spare time for gaming!
  25. I am slowly getting my rhythm back and would love animation movies (somehow, I never tire of these) recommendations, and you seem like the best person to suggest. Do you have any bias for a particular genre?
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