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  1. It would be interesting to know who John Cena settles on, assuming he hasn't read what Kurt Angle had to say. I fancy both wrestlers and believe they always acted professionally while in the ring.
  2. Despite my reservations, I see mobile gaming as the direction for the future. Many people may not so much buy into the idea now, but the hype could cause them to consider it. Gaming, like most other things tech-related, evolves so fast.
  3. Absolutely! Some books fly off the shelf just because the author is well-known or has written good books before. There could be a few other authors who are gifted but still don't have a global audience. Maybe there's also an aspect of timing!
  4. Thank you all for your responses; at least now I have an idea of what to do, which is to psyche myself up and get back to routine. The idea of getting a partner should arise when ready to play my part and be accountable.
  5. I don't consider myself much of a gamer, but still, I have never thought of gaming on my phone or tablet. I have seen consoles for hand-held devices on sale, and this could mean that more and more people play games on the go!
  6. I don't always agree with every article that lists the best books to read, yet there are about five books on the list that I hope to read soon. Do you believe in the hype that some books generate?
  7. With the restriction of movement in place, I assumed that keeping fit wasn't going to be a problem. However, I haven't been consistent in the past few weeks. Now I understand why some people opt to have others who keep them in check. Do you usually train alone or with a group?
  8. The international break is over, and fans will be turning their attention to the various European leagues. Which one is your favorite? I closely follow the EPL, and there are matches to look forward to this weekend. Everton versus Liverpool will be a spectacle to watch, just the same way Manchester City versus Arsenal could be a thriller!
  9. Wow, I can't recall the last time I watch a comedy, let alone a movie. I have been indoors mostly this year, and I am yet to binge-watch. However, I watched the trailer of The Gentleman and liked it.
  10. When you think about being a politician, what often comes to mind? I don't think your profession matters much, even though I've heard that lawyers make better politicians. Would you consider wading through the 'murky waters?'.
  11. In which category does Hawaii Five-O fall? It is my favorite series so far. Don't you find standalone episodes to be a bit predictable? I prefer watching episodes that build up from a previous storyline since it is easier to build up suspense in this way!
  12. Pickford has been lucky because the team is now more organized and is not very porous at the back. Except for a few errors so far, he has shown some improvement this season. Is Everton going to sustain the form throughout the season?
  13. Last I checked, Stallone was worth an estimated $400-million, so a loss of this amount wouldn't worry him so much. He'll be glad to have recouped a significant percentage of the initial investment, and with this, he can invest elsewhere.
  14. Games used to be harder back in the day, or so I think. Modern games have considered toning down the difficulty with the result of giving a smooth experience to as many players as possible. Ninja Gaiden II was so complicated for me, even at 'normal' difficulty.
  15. I agree; there's nothing as hard to tame as an inflated ego. All the same, I am sure that there are a few bands whose members broke away, then went on to have successful solo careers.
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