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  1. can you imagine the state of clubs if little shits started getting in more regularly with a lower drinking age...would be dire...
  2. Mancini is a myth at inter he got handed 1 scudetto and won 2 while everyone else was rebuilding after calciopoli and if he ever got in trouble hed just throw more strikers on (tactical genius) his european track record shows his true quality plus when he quit and then took it back the next day after the liverpool game shows hes a tit and his man management isnt great i dont hate him or even dislike him tbh i just dont think he is a good manager
  3. this is the best milan team for about 3 or 4 years but man utd have way too much especially with all the defensive injuries we got
  4. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_3TbKBbkQs_A/R5T3s20SeWI/AAAAAAAAABY/PWsq1VOWIf4/s320/coletrain.JPG legend
  5. been hammering madden 10 for weeks now, havent got into mw2 yet but when i do i will probably be on it for a loooong time
  6. I support mali in this they have an outside shot but doubt they will do anything for a change
  7. He is an old man but the way he goes galivanting about with teenagers and his plastic surgeries to make him look 20 years younger lower the sympathy level without even considering he was trying to reason with protesters (shit idea) and is a disgrace to a nation in front of the whole world and has been for years, the man is a joke.
  8. we got good group but brazil, spain, holland, portugal all in our half unless cassano gets called up which wont happen it will get ugly after the group/last 16
  9. trick daddy raekwon and fabolous all got good albums out recently plus blueprint 3
  10. Falcons are far better now than when they had vick even tho he is quality I agree, your only option is the bengals tbh
  11. me crack mate i am on about on top difficulty and actually playing against people, when i play my brother it is 0-0 every time without fail because its just too easy defend whereas you prolly sit around hammering everyone 7-0 on easy fapping to tiziano ferro haha
  12. fifa is good technically the engine etc. but when you play it it is just an arduous bore, all the defenders are much too strong so you just have to do through balls and tap them under the goalie or lob him zzzZZZzzzz pes demo is far better as for fifa manager... child, please...
  13. San Diego always have 1 of the best teams in terms of the players but just never do it so it is hard to get excited about them for me, especially with the state of their division, maybe if they get passed wild cards i will start to buy it
  14. Van persies challenge had as much malice as adebayor kicking out he was never ever going to get near the ball but there is only one villain of course
  15. gotta love that tit van persie going flying in from behind on him trying to take him out then moaning when he gets kicked haha
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