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  1. This seems so awesome! I've finished LEGO Star Wars (just on the six, no Rogue One or any others) and I've played some LEGO Indiana Jones. It really looks like this one is a win, too.
  2. Yes, I agree that we have to be careful what we tweet, and generally what we post on the internet. I think that we forget that the internet is permanent, and things that we say or post on the internet can potentially be seen by future employers. If we are not watching what we put online, we could be putting a future career on the line.
  3. Yes, totally. I watched Lego Ninjago with my dad during the day this one time in theaters, and we literally had the whole theater to ourselves! It was amazing. Ninjago was way better than I had anticipated, because I originally thought it was only for nine year old boys or something. But I laughed so much!
  4. Oh, yes. I definitely underestimated Lego Batman. I could not stop laughing. I agree that it should be the movie of the year. I think the Lego company have out done themselves, and I can't describe how detailed and flawless that movie was. I wonder if they are planning on doing a sequel. I would watch that.
  5. Hello Talk Whatever Online world!
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