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  1. I see the triple threat match booked for RAW - Does this mean we're just going to get these three fighting each other in different matches every week leading up to Summerslam? The most overused build to a mutli man PPV match.
  2. Sending talent back down to NXT? Awesome idea. Plenty of Team NXT vs Team WWE ideas there for a Takeover maybe around Survivor Series? I am hating all this changing. I mean to everything. New programmes coming out, talent changes... Just get a good formula and keep it. Back in 2000's when we had one draft a year but for the rest of the year RAW and SD hated each other. It seems at the moment the only issues are with Bryan/Shane, they often say how they want to beat RAW but Angle doesn't mention it. They should be constantly building to a SD vs RAW at Survivor series. But all this swapping and changing of talent from one show to another - it doesn't do a massive lot of good for anybody apart from the odd couple who do get something good from it. But to other (example: Miz) it doesn't do a lot.
  3. What did we think of the world press tour? I scored it 3-1 to MCG personally. His charisma and wit is off the chart. Mayweather came across like a little school child compared.
  4. I have seen whispers that they are gonna do a big DNA Test reveal around start of next year.. Angle turns super bitter and sets up a match with them at WM. Which would be really cool to see if they go all in with this Jordan push.
  5. RAW was pretty good. Everything made sense and I am shocked but pleased about Elias' treatment on the main roster. The opening segment was more entertaining than 95% of Battleground so was pleased.
  6. I am not letting the opinion sway my own, but it is true. It was one of the worst in a long time for sure. I agree it would be silly not to have the title on the line and it would be horrible to have Khali wrestle and Cena/Orton but this is WWE booking - anything is possible. The whole SD product is total cack at the moment and it started with the 'superstar shakeup' - The opening segment of RAW last night was probably more entertaining than 95% of Battleground. Vince/Road Dogg is 100% letting SD down to keep his baby RAW at the top.
  7. I just cannot reply to everything on that post but I think it was universally accepted to be a flop of a PPV. The sooner Road Dogg stops writing the show - the better. I knew WWE would give up on Mike and Maria the minute they debuted and it baffles me why they even bother hiring these people and just give up on them. The flag match was awful (Poor Rusev) Naka vs Corbin was absolutely terrible. Watching opinions on Twitter just shows that it was a SMH moment. You just wanted to cringe and forget it ever happened. Severely worried for Naka. Hated punjabi match. It was slow, horrible, uninteresting and the best part was the crazy fall from Samir. Dave Meltzer has said the plan is Cena/Orton vs Khali/Mahal. If this is true, SDLive will remain unwatched by me.
  8. Didn't really like Bill. She made everything so PC, and I think it was mentioned about her sexuality about 100 times throughout the series. The series overall lacked suspense and fear for me. It's not the same as it was in 2005-2010. I don't particularly like the look of the new doctor. Apparently Kris Marshall is going to be the companion - so that could work nicely.
  9. Well safe to say the PPV was an absolute flop. WWE Title match was the worst in a long long time. The crowd were dead. Great Khali returning was so so obvious and even then - they used Mahal's music for him!! Have they lost Khali's music??
  10. I think his promo's are pretty bad (of course this is partly down to the writers) In ring he is passable but they're hardly matches to re-watch. Orton has been stale for years now except the time in the Wyatt's.
  11. Yes match quality is of course important but for me, if I am not invested in the people involved.. The storyline.. The match quality becomes a little bit irrelevant. I couldn't care less about WWE title match as the build is crap, the people involved are crap..
  12. So excitement levels for this? I feel especially since WM and since Road Dogg has taken over SD - the show has turned to rubbish.
  13. Well who cares! We got some rubbish storyline instead. The only way I would be up for this is if it led to a new Team Angle thing going on. But tbh we could have got there some other way!
  14. Well Steph did say this year that she would love to start using LGBT storylines when/if it was appropriate. Seems weird that Corey is getting the same 'text messages' that Kurt is getting.
  15. Well strong rumours are that Angle's revelation will be he had a secret child with Stephanie - setting up a feud with HHH.
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