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  1. How long did WCW Worldwide run on channel 5 here in the UK for?
  2. How about putting Helms in a match with a fellow active wrestler? Or is that too simple? A series of matches with Chavo would be good and give them both something productive to do, rather than just beating jobbers HeAT or wrestling retired commentators.
  3. In the late 1990's were WWF Shotgun and Superstars basically the same show? I came across an old video of Shotgun earlier and wondered if it were.
  4. My personal vote goes to Steve Austin, mainly around the time of when he lost the title at Breakdown 1998 and after nearly of getting screwed out of title matches by Vince winning it back at Wrestlemania 15 and then the whole Corporate Ministry angle followed that, i loved that time and thought it brought credibility back to the belt after The Rock and Mankind swopped it around like a hot potato a few months earlier. Yeah, his first title win was amazing on that episode of Raw. If a little 'unclean'. :D
  5. I was watching Raw this week and during the Carlito v Victoria 'match' i was eating my dinner so i wasn't paying too much attention and i just happened to look back at the tv screen when Chloe ran across the ring and i nearly peed myself laughing. :lol :lol Maybe i'm easily pleased, i don't know. :D
  6. I saw a match the other week, i think it was Diesel versus Shawn Michaels in the WWE and HBK hit Diesel with a prostethic (sp?) leg! It was at a friends house though and i was a little bit drunk, so i don't remember it that well. :D
  7. Fair play for taking the time out, batistaboy. Interesting read. I'd be interested in something along the lines of booker/writer if you still need a guy. Nice to see a fellow brummie knocking about TWO aswell mate. :)
  8. You know what's even more sad, Rob? Somebody who doesn't like wrestling, taking the time out to register on a wrestling forum and . . . wait for it - POST!
  9. I'm pretty certain RVD will appear in the Royal Rumble match, he'll do well but he won't win it. For the reason Mr.Perfect pointed out.
  10. How many titles did Lance Storm hold at the same time in WCW, and what titles were they?
  11. http://www.greydogsoftware.com/downloads.php?id=47 You can play the demo first, which is 4 weeks game time. The game is not availible in the shops though, you have to purchase it online from what i've been told.
  12. Why are there so many 'guests' in this forum? It doesn't take long to sign up. :D Serious question: Does anybody know of any cases where somebody has been accidently eliminated from the Royal Rumble match?
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