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  1. I've been into them since Suicide Season which and have seen them touring that album with ADTR. On the recent tours I think they played Chelsea Smile, but it's mainly Sempiternal and Thats the Spirit songs now. I can see your point, but the direction they are taking is getting them more AirPlay and more fans so I can't imagine they will revert back, only for an anniversary show for one of the older albums.
  2. Marty F**king Scurll No Contest Although I'd love Omega, he's turned down developmental deals at least 3-4 times since he got his release a few years back. I'd also love to see Roderick Strong or Adam Cole get the call for NXT.
  3. Premier League Winners - Spurs 2nd - Arsenal 3rd - Leicester 4th - Man City Relegated - 3rd last - Newcastle 2nd last - Sunderland Bottom - Villa Champions League Winners - Barca Runners up - Bayern Europe League Winners - Dortmund Runners up - Sevilla FA CUP Winners - Everton Runners up - Man Utd Championship Winners - Boro Runners up - Hull Playoff Winners - Burnley
  4. Mate! Heavy duty episode..will be interesting to see how they manage to sort the Carol/Maggie issue. Does anyone watch Talking Dead too?
  5. I think it looks good! I can understand all the hate it's getting due to the originals being such classics, but I think McCarthy and Wiig will work well!
  6. I'm going to see Bring me the Horizon at the Royal Albert Hall in April with an orchestra. This will be the 6th time seeing them with the last time being at Leeds Festival last year. Looking forward to how they are going to use the orchestra
  7. So looking forward to this. I can see a few UK based wrestlers getting the call.
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