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  1. And he deserves a higher spot on the card. Forgot to add that in the last comment :')
  2. Absolutely. It's also hard not to notice that his look has steadily gotten better. Jury's still out on the beard though haha I'm sure Dolph will be proud that they are both in the match. I'm a bit gutted Stardust is in it though, unless he wins, because he's probably the most consistently reliable character on tv when he's being used.
  3. Keeping in mind he's supposedly a replacement for Neville in this match, do you think it will lead to anything post wrestlemania? I'm pretty happy to see him at least have a spot in this match.
  4. I kinda regretted not picking Heyman from the 200,000 bracket, cause I picked Ryder and Swagger, thinking they'd be on main event every week since they both were having a nice run there for a month or so.
  5. Why are people picking NXT wrestlers when they aren't even on the roster? Surely if they are called up they can just change their picks in a few weeks.
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