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  1. If that's a problem they can always change the music, though I think it'd be a shame to see it happen. I get the feeling I may be in the minority here, but I thought the beeping gimmick for the entrance music was brilliant.
  2. Maxx and I watched together. It was hard hard hard to watch. Benoit's and Ray's speech broke my heart. RIP Eddie.
  3. The video was funny but also a bit troubling for this yankee peacenik. The fact that people name random countries to bomb and then can't find them on a map scares me half to death. The fact that they all probably have a vote might finish the job.
  4. Personally I'd like to see more story lines focus on the belts and less on the BS. And all the belts. Tag division, cruiser, IC, WWE belt etc. Then build the feuds based on asirpations of the wrestlers to the belts. I'm not naive enough to believe that personal vedetta story lines and the like will go away, and I don't think they need to. But what troubles me is that (and I've said this before) it seems that unless there is a triple-threat/elimination chamber coming up, there is only the champ and the contender. That's the only feud that matters with the belt and until that feud runs its course no one else gets close. Look at Edge. He's been carrying around that stupid briefcase for half a year, but for the most part is completely out of the championship picture. It's Cena and Angle and one of three for Taboo Tuesday and I suspect those guys will fade out of the picture once the triple-threat is done. We hardly see anything with the other belts and most of raw is chewed up by crappy promos. So I don't think the lack of gimmicks is the problem, I think it's a lack of wrestling.
  5. I don't think it's so much the McMahon gimmick as it is the overall mismanagment of the company and talent. Like many others here have already said, it's incredibly disheartening to see four matches in a two hour show and then consider yourself lucky if one is remotely interesting. I don't mind Vince or Steph, but it bothers me that their gimmicks -- which are being used to set up the Stone Cold match at Taboo Tuesday -- are just more stops in a long line of boring promos, half of which make little sense at all (JBL and Edge? Why? What's the point?), and cut into time that I could be watching at least some mediocre, and possibly entertaining, wrestling.
  6. My grandfather's first name was Doctor. He was a steelworker.
  7. It's a simple game with numerous rules. Alan pretty much covered the basics. Another big part of the game is turnovers. If the QB passes, a defender (usually a Safety or Cornerback. PM me if you want more detail) has as much right to the ball as a reciever and can intercept it. However, the defender must be careful not to blatantly interfere with the reciever's own attempt on the ball. Generally that means the defender can't grab or tackle the reciever before the ball gets there and must be in the process of going for the ball himself. Sometimes that can be a fine line. Runningbacks and recievers can also fumble the ball putting it up for grabs for anybody. Unlike just about every other sport I can think of this late at night, there are seperate defensive and offensive units on an American football team. The most common infraction is holding, usually on an offensive player (tackle, guard or center) after a defensive lineman has managed to get by them. Holding usually constitutes an offensive lineman grabbing or tackling the defensive lineman once they've gotten by and it will cost the offense 10 yards. Linemen, of course, are the big fat guys beating each other up along the line of scrimmage. Other penalties are false starts and offsides/encroachment. False starts are when an offensive player moves (usually rocks back in his stance) before the ball is snapped. Offsides/encroachment usually happens when a defensive player jumps over the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped or an offensive player moves. There are many other nuances to the game. As a Yank in Southern Colorado, I've been watching and playing the game since I was in diapers. Try watching Monday Night Footaball if you get it out there. John Madden is one of the best at explaining how the game works and is a hall of fame coach. Those are the only reasons his name was ever put on those video games. PM me with questions if you want and I'll try to get back to you.
  8. Like many others, I think it's way too late for this match. I loved watching Hogan as a kid growing up and loved watching Austin as a college student smoking ..... materials. But neither wrestlers are active roster members and this smacks of the same type of nostalgia pandering that the Austin promo had Monday. Sometimes I feel like I'm watching the WCW all over again. The WWE seems to be relying a lot on nostalgia and comebacks to line its pockets lately than developing the future talent. I'm waiting for Ray Lewis to show up ala Reggie White in the WCW. Though I can't say who the future is for the WWE either, so maybe that's part of the problem. The bottom line (if you'll excuse the euphamism) is that all this match does is serve to remind me of how old I am.
  9. Actually tried to call you when he did, but alas, you were working.
  10. Raw was OK. The highlight for me (Other than Vince saying he was .. ahem ... twisted. Sorry you missed that Maxx) was Stone Cold. What troubled me about that was the segment was pure nostalgia. I guess I'm too cynical, but I was disappointed that the highlight of the night was reliving glory days from the Attitude era. It seemed a striking reminder to me that some of WWF/E's best days are behind it and I can only continue to hope things start to look up. I know there are a lot of people on this board who dislike Trip and God knows there are plenty of reasons, but I think Raw was really missing him and I marked out when Motorhead hit. Personally I wasn't surprised at the heel turn, if you can call it that. Trip was a heel when he left and I think that's where he belongs. It's really easy to loathe him. Plus, when JR started selling Flair as Trip's "best friend" the red flags were hoisted. I was thrilled WWE would book an iron man match and enjoyed HBK/Angle, but like others here, I wish they finished it. All in all I hope the move to the USA network will truly start a new era in the WWE, but I'm not sold yet and was generally disappointed in the show.
  11. Mario Golf is always a good time when drinking with friends. The trash-talking options are great.
  12. Thanks, I was wondering if there had been any type of analysis about that.
  13. There's also the "weird sisters" in Macbeth, which, if I remember from my literature classes, could have also been considered the fates from Roman and Greek myth. Anyway, I read that name in the Potter books as a reference to the original trio of witches. So maybe they have a case against Shakespeare and the whole of western society. Totally agree. It's publicity stunt. Why both of these stories got printed? Controversy, however mundane or petty, gets to be pretty easy to write about. I can also say with certainty, coming from firsthand experience, that it was a slow news day. Something, by the way, that I hate about my job.
  14. Relax everyone. The eight other reindeer did just fine before 1939. Hmmm maybe they were jealous. Maybe it was an inside job.
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