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  1. I first stumbled across this site around christmas 2000.
  2. K.J

    RIP TWO Mother

    Same here, i've got two a main PC and a laptop, that's about all I need to know about either of them.
  3. David O'Leary went on to manage Villa.
  4. Middlesbrough manage to sell out the Riverside today for the visit of Manchester United, yet when they play Derby it's only half full, same can be said for many Premiership clubs and yet by your argument these are the die hard fans in this counry, the ones that turn up only when the big teams are in town. Whereas Old Trafford is sold out whether United play AC Milan, Liverpool, Derby, Exeter City or Burton Albion, when United were relegated in the 70's Uniteds average attendance was actually up from the season before, that's what makes United a big club, same for Liverpool and Arsenal. Maybe if all the Forest 'die hards' hadn't deserted the club as soon as they slipped out of the Premiership they wouldn't be in the state they're in now.
  5. Nice one. :xyx I had Kauto Star to win and Exotic Dancer E/W. :( Missed the race because of traffic due to striking french gits!
  6. Basketball would be more interesting if they put the hoop two foot higher, don't see much point in it when they just find blokes who can put the ball in easily.
  7. Doubt it! ;) Does it blow up?
  8. What uni in Canterbury is it, University of Kent or Christ Church? My missus is a Christ Church she seems to like it. I used to go to college in Canterbury, i'd reccomend it, loads of homeless people but also loads of girlies.
  9. Just stuck 50p E/W on a 5 way accumulator for tomorrow. 14:00 - Aigle Dor 15:15 - Master Minded 16:00 - Shazand 16:40 - Menchikov 17:20 - Zaarito
  10. Just stuck a couple of quid on Ashkazar too. :(
  11. I had a cheeky £2 the following accumulator. Ladbrokes World Hurdle: Inglis Drever Smurfitt Kappa Champion Hurdle: Sublimity Queen Mother Champion Chase: Master Minded Gold Cup: Kauto Star Sublimity came in fourth so that's that one f***ed!!!
  12. I still feel big and clever! :xyx
  13. I'd be interested to know where you dug all of that crap up from, the graphics on my PS3 will piss all over any standard X-Box because it's connected to a full HD TV with an HDMI lead. Only the 360 Elite offers an HDMI connection, and as Darkie points out that's only £5 cheaper than the PS3 and has no Blu-ray player. Sorry but the reason why the PS3 is more expensive is because it is a better machine, but from what I can see there's no difference in gaming on either.
  14. Birmingham would stuff Newcastle with me playing up front for them, even with my dodgy ankle! Get them tickets Nic, it's fun to laugh at Keegan! :xyx
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