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  1. Had to buy them from a 3rd party - gutted I missed out on decent seats. We're in Block 211, Row A though :) Anyone else?
  2. Hi, anyone know where these tickets are - they're supposed to go on sale today...can't see anything on Ticketmaster - just giving the option of 'Advance Sale' and then an error when you search for tickets. Thanks
  3. Chaps. It's been a while since I attempted to buy 'mania tickets (last one I attended was WM27). I don't remember it being so confusing when looking for the place to buy them. Is there an official site (that isn't a rip off re-seller) that will be listing these? Is it Ticketmaster? I'm in Orlando for the date and am nervous that I am going to miss out. Any use in this thread being pinned now that we're coming up to the date the tickets will be announced? Thanks.
  4. Thanks Chris. I went to Mania 25 and 27 and have been out of the game so long that I thought I'd missed out for 2017 - thought it was May for on-sale, for some reason. Just regular tickets for me and the Mrs as we're looking to tie it in with Miami Music Week :)
  5. Hi guys. When or where are WM 33 tickets on sale? Thanks.
  6. I'm trying to find a match between Stone Cold and Benoit whereby Austin matches Benoit's technical/mat work (and it's commentated on) for a good while. It's not one of the famous two RAW matches they had, but another more obscure one. The stunner for the win at the end. Any ideas guys?
  7. The lack of episodes from 2000 and 2001 is annoying too...
  8. Thanks pheadley mate. Shame that there are very few 1997 episodes and zero 1998 episodes. I wanted to watch the development of the era back for the first time in years.
  9. Thanks to Kam for pinning this to the top of the forum...just couldn't find it :/ When I click Attitude Era it starts in Dec 1997...waaaay after SCSA's KOTR win and speech and even after the Screwjob. Why miss the two key moments in the making of that era? Also, is there any way of seeing RAW's from Episode 1...I can't seem to do it...
  10. Quick one; been away from things for a while - what and why is the 'Ruthless Aggression Era' (other than it apparently referring to 2002-2007) and since when has it been called that? Cheers
  11. 'Spice Girls - Wannabe' came out the day after the nWo was born. Just sayin'
  12. Remove the laughing and this guy could make a decent replacement for JR on commentary http://95rockfm.com/best-voicemail-giving-play-by-play-of-car-accident/
  13. Is this an attempt to capture the next generation of wrestling fans? Too little too late in my opinion.
  14. Sod all that baloney. I've been watching Skeletor clips on youtube all night. Cracks me up ...FOOL!!! haha
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