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  1. The assistance mode is good, but some reason I love playing in off mode (I think it has something to do with playing the demo and it's the Off mode training)
  2. That's what I have been saying for the past six weeks or so. Thank god she is dead, maybe the world will be able to get on with trying to sort out the economical problems, fixing the s**tville which is known as the UK and have other important news other than her. Sorry if I do come across as a complete and utter c**t sure she has left two kids, got a scumbag as a widower now however all the press from being "The most hated women alive" to " Princess Tweed" or "Jade Spencer" has physically made me sick and yes I actually cheered when I saw the news today. Got a place in hell all ready for me
  3. Been working along side with my mom and dad. The past two days has been crazy as hell, Also got a long day ahead with doing my showreel for my lecture tomorrow and resorting the script for my film to send as emails. In other words I am really really busy and now is the only time I have to myself
  4. Really shit, I have had a really bad day and to be honest glad it's nearly over. The final straw of it was when myself and my mom and dad was involded in a car crash thanks to some dosey motherf**king t*** head nob jockey taking a corner too hard which lead to us hitting him. So to say I have two days ahead of me helping my dad (who is beyond p*** that his car is written off) sorting out all the details about replacement cars and s**t like that.
  5. The bit in the show which really freaked me out was the one set in the woods and they would have the spider web and spider crawling over them **shudders** Also I loved the tunnel with the Saw's coming towards them. One of the best parts of the 1991/1992 series.
  6. Sorry for your loss Maxx of course thoughts and prays go out. Oh I could be posting less in the next few months (no i haven't gotten a life before anyone ask's) however I have been asked to help produce a degree show which leads a week or so before i go to download. Also it means that it's something extra to put on a CV (saying that you did this) and I going to be even more busy with the producing of the film "Perfection" (if anyone has noticed on twitter i have mentioned it a few times) the first draft is finished and tonight I am going to get some feed back from the people I have roped into the making of. Also seening some of the quality of films in some festivals I am entering it for I think it's easily to say I could end up winning a few awards. Also I have to do something for the RTS awards (which is an industry standard one) So yeah it's a bit of an excuse however to add more to a CV/showreel and get some expereince filming outside the safety net of uni is a bit scary at times, however it's also exciting at the same time.
  7. Happy birthday bud, hope you have a great day.... And get drunk tonight
  8. Finally I am nearly finished with a first draft for my film. I am pretty much tired, i am running on fumes however i am motoring on to get this done.
  9. Yeah what ever Raffa :lol Day was stressful and annoying however worth it, also got told today if the one of my films is really good enough then it WILL in the short listing of uni films which are sent off to a big film comp
  10. Been working on some short scripts at the moment. It's strange cause I feel more confidante about writing again. It's been a while since I felt really good about writing and being pretty good at it again. I know when I worked with one director he basically sucked the soul out of me however this time around I am looking forward to getting these short films made.
  11. Just had a bit of a session on KillZone 2's MP and it's amazing. I think playing the Story mode as well is equally as good.
  12. I am offically hungover. Up untill my mate had her wallet stolen it was a really good night out. Drank way too much, smoked too much and partied way to hard as well. Last night I was doing TVRS and Vespers as well as a fat man on the run (a drink which was perfectly named for me) :lol Thank god i am not going into uni today
  13. happy St paddies day everyone. Hope you all have a great day and not get too drunk today/this evening/now :lol
  14. Im in a great mood today. My lecture was brilliant and i think part of me should have learned HMTL coding as well as video. Also talking with the tutor and also she said if "For whom the bells toll" is better with the changes addressed both all of the group and the general feedback from here. Then it could be put into a few festivals and comps including a major, major comp as well. So tonight I am off out for a good old pee up :lol
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