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  1. No seriously where is everyone? This place used to be absolutely swarming with people. I posted this almost a year ago and I’ve just had to blow the dust off it. I just checked the members list and everyone who I remember and their activity has them down as last being active years ago, some people 2 years and some up to 6. Did someone drop a nuke on this place?!
  2. I really don’t know what to say to that.
  3. Bit quiet around here these days isn’t it? What did I miss?
  4. two reasons one moyes was out of his depth at united and two everyone outside Chelsea are would are worse And LVG isn't?
  5. Literally everybody can see where Wenger is going wrong but him. Why leave Chambers on completely unprotected when he's being bummed by that little winger? Why not play a quicker player who is actually a right back and play Chambers in his usual CB role instead of a LB Monreal? Why wait until minute 80.. 80!! Before you bring on your first sub? Why bring on Sanogo instead of a proven goalscorer in Podolski? When we were 1-0 up why did we leave 2 people at the back with everyone else up top? Why are you still here?
  6. Good luck to him. I don't know why the United job is tarnishing him so much when LVG is doing a far worse job of it and he's getting zero stick.
  7. Yeah i remember that, he played a shocker for Pompey because he was up until 2am playing the PS2.
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-29895649 Honestly how does this happen? David James who has played for several clubs in his time including Manchester City Liverpool & Villa has been declared bankrupt and has to sell his personal possessions and merch to make ends meet. I love the guy, growing up he was one of my favorite goalkeepers and a role model of mine but to be brutally honest I've no sympathy for the guy! How many millions do you think he's earned over the years? No one who has earned as much as him should go bankrupt, he's obviously made some very silly decisions with his moolah. EDIT: He's currently a goalkeeper and coach/manager in the new Indian Premier League, which im under the impression is very well paying?
  9. What the hell is up with that guy who mimics the Miz? Its ridiculous.
  10. Michael Oliver ruined the game yesterday for me. Bottled 3 penalty shouts and United have him to thank for walking out of there with a respectable 1-0 defeat, should have been 4/5-0 if it wasn't for him. Very frustrating to watch even for a neutral.
  11. Do you know what really pisses me off about football these days. Is pundits and commentators rimming out certain players. Hazard yesterday scored a penalty which was pretty straight forward, goalkeeper went to his right, Hazard scored to his right, simple. Now the commentators were bumming the hell out of Hazard for a top class penalty, give the man a Ballon d'Or. Now if Luke Chadwick scored exactly the same goal, exactly the same way in exactly the same place.. It's just a goal, nothing more said. Hazard is a good player but my lord do people like to overhype and overrate him. It's the same with Messi and Ronaldo to a certain extent, because when Messi scores a tap in it's absolutely sensational, anyone else and it's just that, a tap in.
  12. Diaby leaving Arsenal would be the best thing for both of us. I think he should retire if I'm honest.
  13. Didn't even know Costa was injured?
  14. I can't think of one off the top of my head. So Boyo what do you think it is with Arsenal? Why do we always have so many injuries? Training methods? Squad to thin so they suffer premature burn out? Curse? Because this happens every year, it's no longer just bad luck.
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